Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Trip to the Hospital

No, not me! It was a drive-by visit done as a favor to my sister that lives in Illinois. She called all a-flutter, saying that her brother-in-law was hospitalized in a Tulsa hospital while on vacation here. The rumor was spreading over AT&T that he was suffering a heart attack. Oh, my. After a few more phone calls back and forth it was determined that he was in Hillcrest Hospital downtown. Her plea to me was, please go there, take a look, ask some questions and call back with a report.
SO...being the dutiful younger sister, I took off. Having never been to a downtown hospital before it was a little confusing. After finding the parking deck and making my way into the entrance I was promptly told I was in the wrong place. (You knew that was coming, didn't you?) Then a very polite and helpful young woman whipped out a map of the complex and instructed me to walk about 2 miles north, turn left, go up the elevator to intensive care, round the corner, and watch the signs. Her last words were "good luck". I was sure I would NEVER see my car again. In fact I made her circle the spot on the map where my car was "probably located" so I could find my way back. Well, the visit went well, the gentleman was waiting for tests to begin and it looked like he was going to be fine in a day or two. He was encouraged that I would come visit him and offer to help any way that I could. His family was relieved that some "blood kin" had laid eyes upon him and could personally testify of his well being.
The major event of the day was finding my way BACK to my car. (Have I mentioned that I have NO sense of direction?) When will I learn to carry bread crumbs in my purse?
I always try to remain and LOOK calm in this type of situation. Within my chest my heart is pounding, racing actually, my brain is whirling as I try to remember where I parked the thing, and I'm about to sweat! Are those heart attack symptoms? I think so! EGADS...I'm the one that needs the Oklahoma Heart Institute experts!! I had visions of "code blue" right there in that massive hallway and my immediate family would forever wonder what I was doing there in the first place, after they were found and notified that is.
After circling the place like a buzzard eyeing roadkill, I happened across a little park. It looked familiar. I remembered watching children playing there when I'd parked my car a few hours ago. Yep..I was on the trail. Well, not long after that I was standing at the back of my car, checking the license plate, and pushing the unlock button on my key listening for the click and un-click, just to make sure that it was MY car. Relief! Once again I was reunited with my big red truck. It looked like "HOME", the end of every parking lot wandering.
These episodes happen to me regularly and only once in my life did I call security in a panic because I was sure someone had stolen my car. Actually I'd parked it a deck UP!
My travels IN the car are not much better. I thank God for GPS. My car has one, her name is Loretta, and her constant message to me is, "make a LEGAL U-TURN"
Life is a trip, isn't it? Full of wanderings and u-turns. I've heard it said that when you die your life flashes before you. Some sort of re-wind. Well, I don't believe that, BUT..if it were true, my movie would be a comedy of errors. My husband calls me Mrs. Magoo.

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