Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm a happy soul when I've got a trip, a celebration, a meeting, etc. coming up in the future! It's that anticipation thing! And today I'm ecstatic. I've just finalized dates, times, airfares, hotel, etc...for a trip to DISNEY WORLD. It's not that I love that place...sometimes it can be just miserable!! When it's way too hot, too crowded with crying 2 yr. olds, too rainy, or if I'm not feeling 100%... that place can be hell on earth. And you've got to admit, some of Disney is just plane corny. BUT...later this month we'll be in Orlando for a business trip AND the exciting part is that Maggie, our 8 yr. old granddaughter is flying there to meet us for a couple of days at Mickeyworld.
We have 8 grandchildren and each one is loved beyond measure. As they grow we have the grandparent "duty" of seeing that each one gets to go on a fun trip ALONE, without siblings, without parents. It's Maggie's year. Maybe I should say it's MY TURN WITH MAGGIE. I doubt that she's more excited about this than I am.
You just about have to move heaven and earth to get the airlines to accept an "unaccompanied minor" but they know who butters their bread so they've decided to placate grandparents. She's traveled internationally several times in her young life so I'm confidant she'll be just fine this time. And I'm positive that once we enter through those Magic Gates we'll BOTH realize that being 8 years old is a wonderful time of life.
The older I get the more I love and respect children, all children, everywhere. They are so pure and honest, funny and loving, full of innocence and promise. I look forward to the day when Jesus returns and sets this world aright, so that NO child (8 or 80) would ever have a reason to cry again. Now, THAT'S anticipation!
It's the day after Easter, HIS next appearance is a promise HE will keep. The sooner the better!

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