Friday, April 9, 2010


It happened again, and I missed it AGAIN! The earth in Oklahoma shook, rattled and rolled. Another minor number on the scale but evidently big enough to register with the experts and the news folks. Earthquakes are happening with greater frequency all over the world. And those poor folks in Haiti are struggling to live minute to minute amidst the rubble. The pictures are a reminder to the rest of us that life truly is uncertain and we control none of it.
It makes me think of other things that often "rock" my world. So far, no devastating tragedy like our friends in Haiti, but there are events and things that cause a long pause and reflection. At this time of year its the red bud trees in OK, the forsythia in my backyard, and the lilies blooming on the church altar. Those beauties of nature are screaming, "look at me, I'm gorgeous". How such beauty rises from the dirt and mulch is nothing short of miraculous. Then there's babies laughter, the sound of the garage door opening announcing my honey's homecoming, a telephone call from an old friend, a bright blue bird checking out the new bird house on my patio, or an e-mail announcing good news. Small but important tremors.
Other events that register are the fender benders, the computer crashes, the relationship blow-ups, business deals gone awry, coal mines exploding, terroristic threats and the unexpected illness that also bring on the shakes. The "off the scale" reading comes when one of our children or grandchildren is hurting.
It's one thing and then it's another and that is life.
All the tremors make me very glad that we have a strong sure foundation of faith that never quivers or splits. The pillars get tested often but they never give way.
I've discovered that I have nothing to do with the strength of that foundation, it was established under my trembling feet. The cornerstone is Jesus Christ. The building stones are the principles of scripture and all those very human saints that have lived it out throughout the centuries. I love reading the stories of how they experienced the shakes of life, resting, on the "rock of all ages." I remember a quote from years ago, "When your knees start trembling, kneel."
It makes me think that perhaps the purpose of life-shakes is to remind us to kneel.

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