Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grace & Truth

She was startled awake in the wee hours of the night. Who could possibly be calling at such a time? Sleepily she reached for the ringing nuisance. Hello... Immediately the young male voice on the other end began spewing profanities like this pastors wife had never heard before. Sexual threats, offers and disgusting words flowed easily from his lips. She was wide awake! When he paused to catch a breath, she cleared her throat and in the sexiest most provocative voice she could muster replied, "Sounds like you're in the mood for love. I'd like to meet you." She had his attention. Silence. She continued slowly, "I can introduce you to love like you've never known before. You think you can handle it?" More silence. "I know just exactly what and who you need, I've had experience in this sort of thing." He was stunned! She continued, "Shall we meet?" "SURE", he replied. They agreed upon a date and a place, her suggestion. The tryst would take place the very next Sunday, in the foyer of a local church, AFTER the morning worship was long over so no one would be around. She convinced him the side door would be unlocked. He showed up! She introduced him to her pastor husband and it was there that they introduced him to the lover of his soul. That young man began attending their church, actually went on to become a deacon and most valued member of the congregation. He became a role model of forgiveness and grace. No one ever knew where he'd come from or how he'd just happened to choose that particular place of worship. They grew to love him and he them, it was a match made in heaven. True story!

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