Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Masters

Augusta, Georgia is a beautiful place! We lived there 6 years, back when the boys were small. Dennis had to work that particularly Sunday when the Masters Golf Tournament was being played at the Augusta National Course... so I had plans to stay home and putz around the house.I was 7 months pregnant with our first-born. No big excitement. WHEN..out of the blue a friend from church called to say that she was headed to the Masters Golf Tournament that afternoon and had an extra ticket. Would I like to go? Well, sure..nothing else to do and it was a pretty day. We trekked over the course and my breath was taken away. The flowers, the greens, the crowd, the "distinguished" atmosphere is intoxicating. It was the essence of "true southern gentility". We walked the course and picked a spot on the 14th hole, sat down and the golfers came to us. I had no idea I could be so interested in GOLF! I'd never held a club in my hand, never interested in chasing a little while ball over miles of green grass. turned out to be a fabulous day! I was back at the house smiling smugly at the "gift" of that introduction to GOLF, of all things. When my honey got home and I related the events he was beside himself with envy. How could it be that such a surprise would come my way, when tickets to this event are impossible to get. They are family owned, handed down through generations through wills! We were newcomers to the town, Yankees even! It was unheard of. And I cherished my day even more. Since then I've LOVED the MASTERS...we actually attended a few times after that, also as guests of friends. Today's tournament was wonderful. I watched Phil Mickelson pull it together and end his day hugging his wife and children. Its' been a hard year for that family, as his wife and mother both struggle with breast cancer. They needed some good news after all their challenges. As he embraced them it was a picture of "pulling together" during the hard times and rejoicing together in the good. When both parties are committed to each other that can happen. It DOES take two! I tell my sons but need to tell my husband more often that NOTHING will ever separate my love from them. Nothing ever! I think the Mickelsons are rejoicing in their "pulling together" tonight. Congratulations to them. Tonight they are the Masters of devotion to one another.

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