Friday, April 23, 2010


What WERE they thinking? I just learned that the Pentagon has dis-invited Franklin Graham to speak at the National Day of Prayer, a day set aside to pray for the nation, it's leaders, soldiers, President and Congress. Rescinding his invitation is like driving to the store WITHOUT the car, taking a hike WITHOUT your shoes, or attempting to mow the lawn WITHOUT the mower! Evidently he made an "offensive" statement back in '91 that has now drawn a complaint from one organization. The statement made was that the teachings of Islam are violent and abusive to women. He's not apologizing or making excuses for that observation. Well, that's a good move since his words were and are absolutely true. Islam does teach violence... and shall we review again the videos of those women in the burkas being led to the center of town so they can have their heads chopped off? Oh, my! Once again, political correctness has run amok! And all that aside, why would anyone want to disgrace this "Good Samaritan" man who has at this moment a son in Iraq on his 4th tour of duty, not to mention the legacy and history of this family.
I'm thinking that this "politically correct" decision will back fire and hopefully give Mr. Graham more press than his critics ever imagined. He'll have the repeated opportunity to look into the cameras, flash that movie star smile and share his faith including his famous line, "in Christ alone." I'm sure there won't be any anger or vindictiveness expressed or even experienced in quiet moments in that very peace loving family.
Perhaps the offense is not in insulting Islam and the millions of peace loving Muslims but that one phrase that seems to light up passions wherever it is spoken: Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the Living God! I'm always stunned by the intensity of the anger ignited by those words. Mr. Graham speaks those words as often as he breathes. Well, he does and we DO have freedom of speech in the good old USA....for now. Seems as though it's just not popular to be Christian right now in this nation founded upon Christian priciples and by Christian men. That whole plan has served this nation so well for so long, compared to the Third World countries and their citizens that are so oppressed. Those poor people would do anything to have the opportunity to live free in America. Makes me wonder why people fear Christianity.

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