Monday, January 16, 2012


I just heard it on the news.  Louisiana is  trying to pass a law that forbids anyone from wearing their Jammie's in public. Evidently it all started at a local Walmart store.  Someone was arrested for "indecent exposure" and had their jams on at the time. 

Well, who is surprised at that one?  If you've been to Walmart recently you've seen the latest craze.  It's those long flannel pajamas in a variety of delicious patterns and colors parading up and down the aisle.  (IF you need to know what really goes on at my favorite store all hours of the day and night, go to: thepeopleofWalmart online  It is hilarious!)

And before we label Walmart as the only place in town where this happens, let me tell you what I saw in Dallas recently.  I was shopping the after Christmas sales with my daughter-in-law at one of the higher end designer outdoor malls when we happen to drive by one of those wonderful swanky restaurants that defines that part of town.  Coming out  the door was a middle aged woman decked out in her full length GORGEOUS mink coat.  As she swirled into the parking lot with her coat unbuttoned the world got a view of this years favorite Christmas gift.  She was wearing her brand new pink and gray giraffe-printed flannel pajamas.  They had that "never been washed" look.  I'm sure they were extra warm and cozy.

 Just happens everywhere!

As a people watcher, I am entertained by what people are willing to display in public on their bodies.  I always give those in their nightclothes the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe they just woke up in the early morning hours and discovered they were out of milk, bread or eggs and needed to make a quick run to the store for breakfast, or  for brunch at a swanky restaurant as in the Dallas sighting.

 Then there are the teenagers that sport their sleeping attire at all hours of the day and night at the grocery.  But, then again, they sleep at odd times and who knows?? Who am I to say?

Evidently now the good folks of the south think it's time to do something about it!  Well, good luck! 

How can they outlaw pj's and ignore "below the hinney" jeans, human flesh hanging out of a way too small  cut off t-shirt, ladies in long denim skirts dragging the floor  or the infamous "plumbers problem?"  I'm wondering what kind of fine I will have to pay for my outdated baggy sweats and platform tennies that I wear to clean the house and then realize I need to make an errand run to the store?

I can see how this could turn into a constitutional crisis quickly, freedom of expression and all!

And now for your entertainment, I present this picture of my newest winter look.  These red, footed, monkey feet Jammie's were a Christmas gift to my sister and me.  Enjoy it quick.  You'll not be seeing these outside the walls of the house!

Maybe if the fashion police law is passed it should included pictures like this posted on the internet! Flattering, aren't they????   We will plead guilty of public indency and throw ourselves on the mercy of the court!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I don't know when this "tradition" started, several years ago for sure.   It became a goodbye phrase, a closing when writing a note, or sometimes a simple goodnight accompanied by a kiss  from me to a grandchild.  When spoken at painful goodbyes it's followed by tears and a promise of  "I'll see you soon!"

I DO remember that at first it was a "secret" phrase, whispered so no one else could hear, especially parents.

Then it became a contest!  I would whisper the phrase and the responses grew competitive.

 One whispered back,  "I Love YOU to Maui and back."  (Children have NO sense of distance. )

 After a while the competition grew stiffer, and another would add even more miles, "I love you to the moon and back a thousand times" or "I love you to the moon and back and to Denmark and back"  or  "I love you to the moon and back a million times."

How else can the depth of love be measured?

Evidently this has become my signature closing.  (Rubber Ducky will be my all time signature song.  EVERY grandchild has learned that one in our bathtub and each one knows their special solo at the end, "poo, poop a-doop!")

A few weeks ago Jamie became a representative for  Uppercase Living and designed this special piece of art  for our grandchild bedroom wall. She chose the fonts and the colors and it's perfect!  Honeybuns and I worked with yardsticks, tape, a level, a step stool and a lot of patience to get it stuck on that wall today.

 Sleepy eyes will see this the first thing when they wake up!  Even the ones that can't read yet will know what it says!

I can't wait for all of them to see it.  Each one will smile and know it's meant just for them.

It's a visual, just a measurement!    A terrific memory, PRICELESS!

Friday, January 6, 2012


There is NOTHING like a hug!  I love giving  AND receiving them.  Science has proven that  physical contact is critical to survival.

Did you know that orphaned monkeys will die from lack of HUGS????  Yes, even monkeys need to be hugged several times a day in order to thrive!  (Just for the record, I am NOT comparing the human species to apes, chimpanzees or spider monkeys!  Nope, I've got too much evidence supporting the creation theory. No apologies to the late Mr. Hitchens.)

The best human hugs come to me from Honeybuns, the grown  sons,  our daughters-in-law,  the grandchildren and good friends offering a sweet hello or perhaps comfort at just the right moment.  When a person withholds a hug, they are simply being downright stingy!  Afterall, how much trouble is it anyway??

THEN there is the SUPERNATURAL HUG!  That one tops them  all!  If you can't tolerate a human hug, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!

The "supernatural hug"  involves a deep sense of God's presence, approval and affirmation.  It conveys the unconditional love that everyone longs for but finds hard to even discuss. It wipes away my tears, strengthens me,  gives me hope in hopeless situations, and a sense of calm and a return to sanity when  I've  gone off the deep end with worry and fear!

And, all I have to do to receive that hug is read and believe  HIS book.

You  see, a  still small voice always accompanies the SUPERNATURAL HUG.  There is a whisper that is heard in my heart.  It sounds like this:

"Be still and know that I am God."  Ps. 16:10
"Fear not, All they can do is kill you."  Matt. 10:28
"It is finished."  John 19:30
"I am with you to the end of the age."  Matt 28:16
"In my father's house are many rooms.....I will come and take you to be with me."  John 14:2-3
"The Lord will provide."  Gen 22:14

I've heard these whispers and THOUSANDS of others over the past 40 years.  They are life-changing words and they are true.

This is what it looks like:

I plan to experience the SUPERNATURAL HUG  often this year! If you see me smiling, or perhaps humming a little tune you'll know I've had my nose in HIS book and heard HIS voice.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sharon, Bettigail, me, Linda, Susan.
Diane is taking the picture!

What can 6 old ladies (minus Susan) do on New Years Day?  TEXT each other, that's what!  After the CO Christmas #1 and the TX Christmas #2, and the IL Christmas #3, we ended up with family and friends for a "relaxing" New Years Day in Arcadia, Illinois.

The afternoon will go down in history,  at least for the women that attended.  After a delightful time at church and lunch, the men headed to the living room to watch football and the ladies gathered around the kitchen table to chat.  Soon the phones came out and it was "game on!"

All the secrets on Facebook were revealed,   funny pictures  were checked out on the phones, tips and tricks of texting were discussed and FOUR hours later we all agreed it was the best time with the most laughs in a LONG time! There were several moments when EVERYONE was talking at once, AND EVERYONE was understanding the details of each conversation!  It was simply amazing! And truly a "woman thing."

We learned that ONE of us was a super FB detective, ONE a defriended family member, ONE a total novice with her new phone, ONE pretty techy, ONE low on "juice" and ONE  was being Internet- stalked by 3 mysterious men.  The longer the session lasted the wilder it became! 

There were complaints from the football viewing crowd that they couldn't hear a thing a couple of rooms away.  Those were the same men that kept sneaking into the kitchen to find out what was so funny.  We vowed to NEVER tell!

If laughter is the best medicine, the six of us will  be very healthy in 2012! 

Thank you Susan, Linda, Bettigail, Sharon and Diane!  Profound  respect and love for each of you has expanded my heart!

 Thank you Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckus (?),  AT & T,  Verizon and all others involved in creating and delivering  this new fangled technology.  Beats a quilting bee any day!