Thursday, April 29, 2010


Funny how that when history is being made those current events don't seem all that important. The women's revolt that resulted in the fairer sex securing the right to vote, the anti-Vietnam war demonstrations, and the very beginnings of the Civil Rights campaign all began quietly in someones living room. And today we have the Tea Parties sweeping across the nation. I'm thinking that during that original Tea Party most folks slept and heard about it a few days later. Some guys throwing tea into the Boston Harbor to protest taxation without representation? Who knew? And who cared? At the time, anyway.
The Tea Parties today consist of people protesting big government, the soaring national debt and higher taxes. That's my understanding anyway. I went to a couple of gatherings when all this first began, just to see for myself what it was all about. It was a little boring actually. Honeybuns and I joined others at a park in Tulsa to listen to a few speeches and then quietly returned to our car. The most impressive thing about the whole event was the fact that as it started to rain folks just stood there listening, determined to make their views known simply by their presence. Now there are bands playing, balloons flying and picnics enjoyed as the speakers gather their thoughts. As more and more "parties" are organized and well attended the media and the politicians are a little confused as to what to think of it all. Without the traditional methods of fund raisers, telephone panels and precinct committeemen some are dismissing the movement as powerless. Others are touting the gatherings as pure democracy on display in part because of it's lack of political structure. I suppose this next November election will decide that debate.
It truly seems to be an uprising from the grass roots of conservative middle America. A still small voice that is silent no more. I'm thinking that our leaders and politicians might want to take note. Time will tell, however. Hind-sight is so very crystal clear. There is a sense that this movement is going to take us somewhere new. It's history in the makin' and it's happening all around us. Something is brewing!

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