Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Having nothing but boys in the house, it was a real shocker to learn about girls. For years it was nothing but dirty socks, Boy Scout patches, bugs, sweat, and clear communication. There was tons of fun, too, don't get me wrong. It was simply the male version. Even the dogs we owned were male. There was not a lot of emphasis on sissy stuff! After a time I think I actually started thinking like a member of the opposite sex. Tea parties, lace, pink fluffy anythings, white frilly socks were never on the horizon of my mind. That all changed somewhat with the arrival of our daughters-in-law but the big realization came with the first granddaughter. What a wonderful education she provided in the first few years of life.
I think she was 2 the day that Papa attempted to help her put her coat on over her sweater. She refused! Flat out! He cajoled, bribed, begged and proceeded to put her little arms into the sleeves. After about 15 minutes he blurted out, "Whats wrong?" That's all it took. She burst into tears, stomped her little foot and declared in her loud as possible voice..."It doesn't MATCH"!! What a shocker! What kid cared if their coat matched their sweater or pants...no kid in our house! He looked up at me, tossed the coat to me and in resignation surrendered, "You'll have to deal with this, I don't know how to deal with this." It was hysterical. This man that could wrangle million dollar deals sometimes with foreign entities was beside himself.
We found a coat that matched and all was well. Since then 3 other little girls have joined the family (and 4 little boys) We've got the boy thing down, but the girls continue to amaze! So delightful, so creative, so unique, so emotional. So fun!
Papa still has that glazed over look every once in a while and begs my help, "This is a girl thing, you'll have to deal with this, I don't get it." Well, he might not "get it" but he sure adores those sissy, prissy, little creatures.
Women are different, no matter what the age...and we have to offer some grace to the guys. They just can't think like us, nor we like them. At the very time we are trying to discuss an important anniversary dinner or romantic vacation they are usually obsessed with changing the oil in the car. And what wife has ever conversed with her husband when the Super Bowl is on the TV! On the other hand, I don't understand the need for chain saws or a riding lawn mower the size of Texas. I DO know that little boys come from the womb with their little red fists curled into a "makeshift" pistol, index finger pointed..."bang, bang". Not surprisingly, their first word is usually "va-room". This life would certainly be boring if we were all alike! As frustrating as it is sometimes, today I think I'll celebrate our differences.

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