Monday, April 5, 2010

4 AM

I'm up and doing my best thinking! Evidently my brain is rested and ready to go...crazy, isn't it! Life looks so much clearer and "manageable" in the morning rather than late at night. Those late night worries can sometimes just overtake a person's sanity. Better to stay away from those. BUT...alas, it is true, "joy comes in the morning". The house is quiet and relatively dark, IF you don't pay attention to all the little "power" lights that are everywhere. Tiny green, red, yellow or blue beams flicker from the computer, the alarm system, the TV, the Wii, the microwave, and the clock assuring me that the US electric grid system is still alive. Yep...everything looks better in the morning "darkness". It's a new day and I'm armed with optimism, joy, patience, charity, love, forgiveness and initiative. I can hardly stand myself! So many good ideas, plans, and words are coming together! This could be the morning I write the next chapter of that award wining novel, or political speech, or women's retreat talk, or letter to my children, or biography of my hero/friend. These are the hours that prayer comes easily and naturally, full of hope and kindness for all. If I had any friends up at this hour we could visit and I surely would encourage them, make them laugh, or give some wise advice.
It COULD be that this euphoria today is simply a "jelly-bean hangover"!!! That's it, those little oval addictive candy thrills have done it once again. When will I ever learn....when will they be declared a controlled substance subject to regulations?
It happens every Easter! (My favorites are the licorice ones!)

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