Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My tiara is all shined up!  I pulled it out of the bottom of the toy box.  (Four little grandaughters love that cheap plastic crown!)

The countdown is on and it'll be just a couple of days before all of England and half of America witnesses Kate and Will tie the knot! I plan to place that familiy heriloom of a crown on my head, cuddle up in my jammies and watch the whole thing on  TV this Friday am. Perhaps a champagne toast will be appropriate as well.  (Can I toast the TV?)

Talk about hype.  The whole affair is receiving world wide attention, yet there are a few men I know that look upon this whole business with disgust.  Can you believe it?

It's the wedding of the century!!!   EVERY woman wants to see the DRESS.  And we're waiting with nervous anticipation for the walk down the aisle, the children serving as attendants, and the guests arriving with those god-awful hats. We'll hold our breath and strain our eyes to get a glimpse of Will as he gets his first glimpse of his bride. We'll sniffle during the music and break into a wail IF we see the new couple kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. We'll remember his mother and be sad that she isn't in the family pictures.  We'll watch Harry watch the available young women attending! We'll try to ignore Charles and Camilla and laugh at the Queen's ever present purse! Yes, those royals ARE entertaining!

EVERY woman loves a wedding AND a fairy tale wedding is the icing on the fancy cake. This fairy tale seems to be the one that actually might have a happy ending.  BUT, then again, I thought that as I watched Diana navigate that 25 foot train down the aisle of Westminster Abbey so many years ago.  (I'll never understand the attraction of being married in a tomb!)

Honeybuns will sleep through the ceremony, he could  care less. He's perturbed that the wedding is receiving any attention from the media at all.  There's so many more important problems to consider and solve.

I on the other hand will not miss a minute of the festivities. A future king just doesn't marry the future queen just every day!

A royal wedding is a break, a relief, an escape from reality. Grab the Kleenexes, let's have a good cry over something happy for a change.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter Sunday is the High Holy Day for the Christian community.  I've loved it as the best holiday of the year for many years!

The eggs and the bunny are fun, the flowers blooming after a hard winter are very welcome, and the promise of spring brings hope to the heart and mind.

BUT, it is the Risen Savior that takes center stage and HE makes this holiday supreme.  I feel it should be celebrated in a way unequal to any other party!

This past Sunday was no disappointment.  We went to church with our youngest son and his family at Park Cities Presbyterian in Dallas.  It's a wonderful old building  and it was filled to capacity with Moms and Grandmoms, Dad's and Papa's, and beautiful children of every size imaginable.  It was standing room only in that cavernous marble place.

The altar was full of choir members in their red robes, the orchestra and organ delighting everyone  present with heavenly music.  The prayers, the sermon, the offertory were divine. Those Presbyterian ministers looked like they'd just stepped out of the history books, their robes flowing as they walked. The formality and liturgy were fitting the occasion.

"He is Risen! " " He is Risen Indeed," replied the congregation in unison. Ancient hymns declaring sound solid theology soared above our heads and floated about the tall ceiling.  Hundreds of people stood as the Hallelujah chorus was performed flawlessly.

Celebrating the resurrection cannot be taken lightly!  It is THE most critical message of the Christian faith.  Without the resurrection of Jesus there is NO reason to believe anything else the Bible proclaims.  He was who He said He was (GOD) or He was a lunatic.  Those are the only two options to consider. 

Christmas is wonderful but it is the prerequisite for Easter.  The God-Baby came to this earth FOR Easter Sunday, the fulfillment of the festival of First Fruits to the Hebrew people,  Jesus being the First Fruit of the gound with millions of others to follow.

Easter ended the  ancient sacrificial system established eons before to demonstrate the seriousness of sin and the blood requirement for justice to be served. No more bulls or goats ever need to fear the day of Atonement again.

In fact, the reason Christians go to church on Sunday rather than Saturday is because the early church met on the first day of the week to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.  It was early on the first day of the week that the women found the tomb empty.
I think I'll follow their example and start celebrating Easter EVERY SUNDAY!  What a novel idea! We could call it RESURRECTION DAY!



This little cutie just turned FOUR!   Has it been four years since we first met? 

Most grandmothers meet their new grand babies in a hospital nursery or a sweet home setting.  I met Gabby at the Tulsa airport.  She'd just arrived from her native home of Rwanda.  She was small with over sized brown eyes looking up at me from her stroller.  Her new American mommy had spent days jumping through all the crazy hoops that government had established to get her to that airport.  It was a relief and a joyous celebration to have her on Oklahoma soil.

She'd come a long way!  Her birth mother deposited her at the gate of an African orphanage where she spent a cold and lonely night before being discovered by the guard.  Her first few months were spent at that orphanage until word got out that she was available for adoption. Through a series of unplanned events, phone calls and visits from American friends Jamie learned of her existence.  And as they say, the rest is history.

When we first met she was a sweet little helpless baby.  It was impossible NOT to love her immediately.

Now here we are four years later with many wonderful memories.  She is absolutely delightful!  She is happy, funny and a powerhouse of energy.  Her smile would melt an iron heart.  She loves her family and all of life.  She bounces rather than walks through her day.  She is polite and kind yet never lets her  three big brothers get away with anything! (Her mommy calls that "squawking.")

I've seen her race down a hill on her trike, ski down a mountain, and jump fearlessly into a huge pool.  She runs and jumps into her Daddy's arms and says "thank you" over the phone like an adult.  Her little body is nothing but muscle and her skinny legs still look like toothpicks and are hard to fit.  She loves frilly skirts and hi-heeled shoes, even if they belong to mommy.

Gabby is a gift to enjoy!  I can't imagine life without her!!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BABY GIRL!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Later this morning I'm joining several unbelievably fabulous mothers for a "brain storming" session as we assembly our Mom's Panel.

The idea was not mine and it's not a new concept, but it's a good one, I love it.  Six of us that have had the wonderful experience of raising children are coming together to form a panel of "expertise."  (The word "expert" is used loosely in this case.)

Each of us has formed a list titled, "The Top Ten Things I Have Learned or Am Learning'" about specific areas of child rearing.  One delightful young woman will share what she has learned about parenting her 4 yr. old son, Jack.  Another will share experiences of elementary age children, another the teen years and another college lessons.  My task is to discuss the years of being a mom to married children with children of their own.  A very lovely woman will share how her life as a widow affected her children and their relationship.

We plan to have a Q&A  session following the presentation in order to encourage women  that there is indeed hope and help.
We're discovering that parenting is often the most lonely career choice a woman can undertake.

We plan to be available for women's groups where such a panel might be appropriate. 

I am stunned at the maturity and wisdom of the women I've met that comprise this panel.  They are strong and weak, humble and proud,  brave and fearful, all at the same moment. They are confident and insecure, vocal and yet silent, filled with joy and at the same time marked with a tinge of sadness. These women are full of faith and at the same time very prayerful for their children's futures.

No doubt there is much wisdom in all the "how to" books on the shelves. But to look into a mother's eyes as she honestly relates her experiences is powerful.  We've already laughed, fussed, and cried together, marveling at the depth of love we have for our children regardless of their age or stage of life.

There will be 60 important lessons shared.  What a vast resource of encouragement! 

I hope this little panel will become just one tool of bringing young moms and older moms together for some interesting dialogue.  After all is said and done we're in this  scary and most- rewarding  business of parenting together!  Who knows, maybe some precious kiddos will benefit as well.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today is the official beginning, but I think we began observing Holy Week last night.  We attended a concert and Guy Penrod nearly brought down the house by singing the grand finale, a new arrangement of  "The Cross."  It was incredible! 

This morning, Palm Sunday, the choir of our church nearly brought down the back wall as they sang  triumphantly those eloquent praises found in "high church" music!  Trumpets and palm leaves added to the joyous service. 

After the incredible music there was a baby dedication!  How very appropriate!  There in front of God and everyone a precious little boy was prayed over as his parents vowed to raise him in the shelter and love of the church. His new little life was on display!

It's a great start, but we have seven more days to go. And this week must NOT go by as just another period of time where hours and days run together.  THIS week is the holiest of all for the Christian community everywhere. The culmination of THIS week gives us the reason for Christmas = EASTER!

This week, 2000 year ago, time was forever divided.  We live on the cross side of time called  GRACE,  after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  Everything before the cross was simply preparation as to what was to happen that very first holy week.

During those  seven days prophecies were fulfilled and God's calendar found in Leviticus chapter 23 came alive before the people of that time. Minute detail of God's plan became visible.

Most went about their every day chores and duties ignorant that of the facts. God Himself was on stage and nothing would ever be the same after that!!  Some  folks DID slow down long enough to realize what was happening:  Peter, Simon of Cyrene, Mary,  the soldiers, John, and my favorite, the Centurion.  They were all eyewitnesses to that defining moment in history.

I have a plan.  I'll read "No Wonder They Called Him the Savior" by Max Lucado,  perhaps watch the movie "The Passion of Christ," marvel at the resurrection of the life of my Iris's and Roses, and dig out the appropriate sections of Handel's "Messiah."  I think I'll look through the scrapbook I made of our trip to Israel and weep.  I always weep as I remember the Garden of Gethsemane and the powerful stillness and peace that is there.  I'll play "The Holy City" on the piano and sing those words describing Jerusalem but only when there is no one around to listen.

This week must NOT go by and in reflection be described as just another seven ordinary days, just another week of living my normal schedule. This is a week of  personal preparation for next Sunday,  EASTER SUNDAY, the day that divided TIME!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is the view outside my bedroom window.  The smell is intoxicating.  We planted this old fashioned lilac three years ago and have now learned that it takes about three years for any plant to get established! 

I think this is just the beginning of what is about to happen in my backyard!  The Hybrid Iris are growing FAST. I can almost watch the leaves and stems getting taller by the minute.  They will break out into pure joy in a few weeks. (I'll post pictures of that, too, I'm sure.)

The spirea  bush is loaded with buds and will look like a bridal gown when it blooms.  (It's doing a terrific job of hiding some "very important" metal thingy sticking up about 3 feet out of the ground!)

Along the fence the lilies are returning and I spotted an Easter lily popping up in the flower bed.
Yep, spring is busting out all over!  Maybe that awful cold snap didn't kill everything after all.

And  just WHEN was it I became a horticulturalist? And WHEN was it I began to tolerate and actually  appreciate that 'funeral home smell' that permeates everything as I bring all those cut flowers into the house?


Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm sure it's the same one. We first met last spring, I could pick him out in a police line-up.  He made his first  appearance this year just a few days ago.   He showed up at my bedroom window and later in the morning again at the living room window.  I was hoping that was a fluke, a one time visit. But alas, this morning he appeared again.

After being up awake in the predawn hours with an allergy attack,  I was back in dreamland sleeping just FINE until about 7:30.  I heard the familiar and rapid, "peck, peck, peck" on the bedroom window.  Honeybuns heard it as well.   His words were next, "we need a bee bee gun!"

Mr. Robin waited then  jumped from one high window ledge to another, pecking and staring in at us until he was absolutely sure all four eyes were open and fixed on him!  He is one determined narcissistic creature.

Honeybuns gave up on sleep and started his day.  I tried to ignore Robin and buried my head in the pillows.  There was blessed silence for about thirty minutes.

He returned.  Evidently he was not satisfied that just one of us had surrendered in the battle of the sheets. This time he chose the window nearest my head and gain started his drumming, jumping and staring.  I stared back, but to no avail.  He is NOT intimidated by my courage, anger, or size!

My familiar-with-bird-activity friend reminded me that a couple of years ago  a bird nest  was wedged onto that window ledge and  perhaps this bird was just coming home. (Think Salmon!)  OR it could be he is just admiring his own reflection in the glass. 

Well, I can go with either theory IF he were just celebrating a reunion or primping in the bedroom windows alone.  BUT, he follows me, appearing at the windows of the room I am in throughout the day.  He's a STALKER BIRD!  Are there laws against this?

He's a PEEPING TOM bird, or perhaps a SERIAL KILLER bird.  Soon he'll be the HE DROVE HER CRAZY bird!

That's what they'll put on my tombstone,  Here lies....(me).....driven insane,  she lost the BATTLE OF THE BIRDS.

I'm putting it in writing on this day.  IF anything happens to me,  ARREST the bird!

Friday, April 1, 2011


My friend and I have a dream!  We enter into each other's dream and move about freely.  (Think of the movie: INCEPTION!)
She  often sends me pictures via facebook and invites me to join her for a while.  It's always a great time.  I/we can spend hours in this dream state.

We both DREAM of owing one of these.  They're called VINTAGE travel trailers and we've longed for this for YEARS.   If necessary we could own one JOINTLY, as in shared custody.  She might need to take it out for a spin in her Florida neighborhood or I could travel over to Grand Lakes for a sunny weekend to watch the fish swim by.  We might just park it in her backyard and  sit on  folding "web - style" lawn chairs and just enjoy the view.  Or we could roll over the interstate to visit a grandchild or two.  

We have plans to purchase our dream, probably off the Internet. We've each been doing research.  (Our husbands know nothing of this, it's going to be a surprise!! We'll invite them on trips only if they prove they are NOT claustrophobic! )  There ARE places where these little babies are stored, restored and then sold for a tidy sum.

We are not proud, we might just buy a "fixer-upper."  There is no doubt that we would quickly come to an agreement as to the style of the interior.  The "50's" look would suit both of us just fine. Husbands would be enlisted to do the dirty work while we went shopping for just the right curtains and Formica topped tiny table, red probably!  I can smell the OLD design even as I write this. Nope, none of that modern, sleek, slick stuff for us! All linens, fabrics, carpet, etc. will need to be washed out and sporting a few holes.

A/C, electricity and a bathroom are top priorities.  Other than that we're flexible.  I could do without a kitchen, but she'll need a coffee pot!

We'll need some outfits to match our little cutie, perhaps  colorful striped "pedal pushers" with  outrageous floral shirts.  Straw hats and flip flops are critical.   We'll need a couple of plastic pink flamingos to keep watch.  Green "astro-terf" will be rolled out to tickle our tootsies.  Cheap ugly plastic flowers will fill pots to brighten the "patio."

There will be a need for a matching car to pull us down the road IF we should happen to feel the need for a road trip.  There will be no plans, no map, no final destination spot.  All we'll need is a sunny day and some gas, at $.25 a gallon.

YAWN!  I think I'll stay  here for a while.  It's SO pleasant!