Sunday, September 30, 2012


There comes a point in every one's life when the Sovereignty of God has to be settled.  No matter how long you want to dance around it, HE either IS or HE ISN'T.   There cannot be a middle of the road on this issue. Sovereignty is one of those words like pregnant, Italian, Blond, and tall.  You either are or your aren't!  There's no debating the fact. It's a done deal!

Every cell of my body and even the marrow of my bones believes that the Creator, Sustainer, Righteous Judge, Loving Father, Author of the Bible and the Great I AM is in charge.  HE is Sovereign regardless of whether that is a comforting concept to me or not.  HE is God and I am not!

He can and does as HE pleases without consulting ME!  Period. do we rest in HIS Sovereignty in a tumultuous ELECTION year, when anger is intense, and our country is harshly divided along party lines, and class warfare?  

If I believe God is Sovereign does that mean that the candidate of MY choice is BOUND to win??  If the party that opposes my worldview and philosophy believes also that God is Sovereign, does that mean their candidate is a shoe-in???

The chatter about this subject is disturbing.

Here's my take.

In the OT God revealed HIS incredible patience with HIS people. Time after time, generation after generation they worshipped HIM one day and cursed HIM the next.  One of the most repeated OT phrases is, "each man  did what was right in his own eyes."  It was a sad state of affairs. After all HE'D done for them, they refused to give HIM glory and decided they knew how to run their lives without HIM. As a nation, the people tossed HIS guidance, wisdom and grace aside.

God was Sovereign then, too.  Eventually the rebellion got to the point that God used a HEATHEN ARMY to carry the people off into captivity and they were forced to stay there many years! Was it pleasant?  NO.  Did they question God? Probably! Did they learn a lesson? Some, no doubt did!

Skip to 2012! 

IF a credible count is possible, the day after our November election there will be many folks very happy and many folks extremely upset, no matter which way it goes. That's the nature of our culture at this time.

I'm resting in the fact that GOD is in control.  America will get exactly what HE determines we need.
And I have NO idea what that might look like!  No one does. We will have to walk through it and HOPEFULLY REALIZE  that God is the ONLY ONE that loves us, saves us, directs us, guides, gives comfort and sets us on the path of Righteousness. 

Perhaps this election is not about the Dems or the Reps, but a nation in dire need of REPENTANCE.