Monday, September 10, 2012


Did you know that the average age a girl now enters into the worlds oldest profession is 13!  Stats from all the major sources agree.

13!   Just when a beautiful child should be dreaming about the future and the possibility of a career in nursing, law enforcement, engineering, parenting, teaching, mission work, beauty consultant, fashion design, aeronautics, medical research, etc.  she is instead being abused, neglected and used as a commodity. 

13 year olds are not BAD GIRLS  that are simply making the choice to enter the life of prostitution. The law states that minors (under the age of 18) are ALL victims, trapped by force, fraud or coercion and sold as easily and as often as 20 times a day. They lose all dignity,  self-respect, sense of power and often even their lives.

OATH,  Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans is rolling out this new campaign, She's 13, to make people aware of the state of affairs.  Our church is on board, getting the word out, educating anyone and everyone who will listen to this atrocity.  First comes awareness then comes action!

Billboards and Chalk Art are going to be the visuals. Donations will plaster this picture on prominent highway signs.  Hundreds of folks armed with a single piece of chalk will be covering sidewalks and parking lots all over OKC and Tulsa very soon.

It'll look something like this:
The artwork will draw attention to:  She' and hopefully many will view a video of this campaign. The youth of America are on board!!!

It's going to take THIS and many other campaigns instigated by  like minded organizations to make a dent in the growing 32 billion dollar a year industry called Human Trafficking.

EVERY organization needs to be successful in their attempt. It's going to take a movement the size and scope of the Civil Right Movement of the 60's and 70's to change the culture.

But, it CAN be done.  Look what Mothers Against Drunk Driving accomplished in a few short years.
No one looks at drunk driving the way we used to!

Yesterday I was asked, "What can the church do?"  My answer, "Repent!"

"True religion is this, to care for orphans and widows." James 1:27

I'm hopeful that the day will come when we'll exchange our passion for comfort for a love of people in distress. Long ago, THAT is what the church spent it's time and money doing.  Think of all the hospitals, schools and soup kitchens built by the church. Think of all the people that heard the gospel news that they did not HAVE to be controlled by their sinful desires, thoughts and habits. The church offers FREEDOM to the abused AND the abuser.

 It'll require a spiritual revival unlike anything seen in modern days.  BUT, the pendulum WILL swing.  It has to, or our children are "goners."

Now, shall I choose pink, blue or green chalk?

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