Saturday, September 22, 2012


When I last spoke to Maggie a few days ago I told her that I wanted to see her on an elephant!  And here she is! 

Maggie and Jamie are in India to preview places and orphanages that the  KIVU GAP year kids will be visiting next spring.
AND of course, checking out all the sights.

They have experienced foreign markets, a camel ride, busy streets, orphanages, hand-made rug factories, strange food and a parade equal to Prince Ali's arrival in Alladin.

They are having the time of their life. I look forward to the pictures each day.

She's missing a few days of school, BUT receiving an education that no amount of classroom time could offer.  She's done and seen things that will go down in her little life-history book. 

I've never had any desire whatsoever to travel to India, but these tales are luring me that way. Wow,
what an amazing place.

Jamie and Andy are giving their children the WORLD.  And I couldn't be happier about it.

Maggie's view of people and places is broad and inclusive.  Her acceptance of cultures that are vastly different than her own could be a lesson for us all. Mom and sweet daughter are perfect ambassadors for KIVU and America.

They are witnessing the caste system, the horror of Human Trafficking and the sadness of children growing up without parents to love.  They've spent some time "laying low" in a hotel room because it was not safe to be out on the streets. They're traveling without the security of Dad and making their way across the globe just fine!

I am SO proud of them. They were born for high adventure!

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  1. Thanks, Beebs! If you decide you want to go, I'll go back with you! The shopping would totally be worth the trip! :) I love you! Thanks for being so supportive! And you'll be happy to know that I have not taken my eye off of Maggie once. . .when we walk she is always in between Wendi and me! Love you!