Saturday, September 29, 2012


Our car trip home from Dallas a couple of weekends ago led us through the small OK towns on route 69. No big deal!  We are very familiar with Atoka (Dairy Queen),  McAlester (Chili's), and Muskogee (we're almost home!)

BUT, this road trip offered a new sight.

While sitting at a stop light in Muskogee I noticed to my right a small white tent set up right there on the corner. A banner atop the tent urged folks to stop by.  A man and a woman sat behind a table with papers fluttering before them in the breeze.  A long line of folks formed on the other side.  Evidently they were signing up for SOMETHING! The parking lot was filled with all types of vehicles.

Honeybuns explained as the light changed.  "They are receiving their new cell phones, courtesy of the American tax payer."


Yep!  After a little research I discovered that since 1978 our government has been providing a "land line" for folks that can't afford it.  The cost has stayed relatively stable UNTIL 2008 when changes were made and "someone, somewhere" decided that a free land line for the underprivileged did not serve them well.  From that time forward free cell phones with unlimited free minutes were offered.  The cost has skyrocketed dramatically. 

Today I received an e-mail from a friend that explained the situation.  For years your phone bill and mine have included a tax to provided those free land lines, necessary in case of emergencies.  Today the cost of providing the cell phones is 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS. Telephone companies are scrambling, trying to get a piece of this government contract.  U.S. Rep. Tim Bennett has written a bill trying to reverse this trend.

I'm confused!  Since WHEN did it become an inalienable right to own a cell phone? Food, housing, health care, automobiles, washing machines, refrigerators,  flat screen TVs, trips to Disney World, what's next?  Is anybody drawing a line anywhere?

Is there any wonder at the level of anger in the U.S.?  You don't have to look far to figure it out!

I would like to see the establishment of a government agency tittled "COMMON SENSE." All programs, grants, and freebies would have to undergo scrutiny before being enacted.

No, forget that, maybe it's time the American public take on that task and collectively shout,

Sending MORE tax dollars to DC makes no sense whatsoever, those folks don't know how to handle it!

As my friend summarized it, "This twists my knickers." 

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