Tuesday, September 11, 2012

World Trade Center Memorial

This is a cemetery.  It is unlike any I've ever visited.

I've walked among tombstones, over grassy roads, admired flowers and read the dates and names.

But, no cemetery matches the Memorial Waterfall at the footprint of the World Trade Center.

I suppose each one that sees the pictures or actually visits the sight leaves with different impressions.

When I look at this picture I see the tears of a nation flowing over those walls and into that deep dark square hole in the center.

Down below this structure lies dust that used to be living, breathing, loving, working, Americans and citizens from many other countries as well.

It was a horrible day, probably the worst day of my life thus far.  The images are seared onto my brain and the grief of the family members left behind is fierce.  There are parents trying to make a life without their children, children without their moms and dads, brothers without their brothers, sisters without their siblings, wives without their husbands, husbands without their wives, and friends and co-workers with huge holes in their hearts as well.

In a few years all this will be found only in the history books.  Pain will cease and those immediately affected will hopefully be reunited with their loved ones in eternity. Museums will then tell the tales much like the Holocaust Museums remind us of that horrific time.

Right now, it's still very raw! 

There will be more days like 9-11 in this world, if not on US soil then elsewhere.  For it is man's inhumanity to man that is repeated time and time again.

Hatred, jealousy, greed, and pure evil reigns where there is no honor for God.  Love of God precedes love of mankind. There is simply no other way!

When will we learn?

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