Sunday, October 7, 2012


It's been 9 days!  Yes, I've been x'ing them off my calendar.  9 days since I've eaten sugar, white flour, rice, bread or gluten. 


9 days ago I set out to experience life without sugar! 

Already I have learned SO much! (I was told years ago that my body reacted to sugar the way an alcoholics body reacted to alcohol..THE SAME! I didn't believe it!)

THIS experiment was prompted by a healthy son, who challenged me, encouraged me, threatened me,  and basically insisted!  He provided me with the necessary vitamins, minerals, protein mix and potent tea that was guaranteed to get this metabolism off 0 and revved up to 60! He promised I would be in a bikini by Christmas.  (WHO in their right mind would want to SEE THAT? That vision would instantly blind domesticated dogs and small children!)

After 2 days of withdrawal, the sunny side of life started to return to this household again. Those first two day were awful.  I stayed home, mostly on the couch, with the shakes, a cold sweat, weakness, a terrific headache and frightful irritability! This is surely what heroin addicts must endure when they go off THEIR DRUG cold turkey.  (HHHMMmmnnn cold turkey sounds good about now!)

Day 3 was better.  I obediently downed my protein breakfast, vitamins, protein lunch, vitamins, and balanced healthy moderate dinner.
Every day got a little easier. This could get to be a habit!

I have learned: 
Sugar addiction is a real deal.
It is GOOD to no longer  have to persevere through the swings of high blood sugar spikes and crashing lows.
I am never hungry and the smell of McDonald's and Wendy's folks lifting french fries out of grease is almost nauseating.
Broccoli tastes FAB.
I do NOT crave sugar, cakes, pies, or candy. It's just not interesting.
My energy level is stabilized.
I've lost 2 1/2 lbs.  (Weight is going in the bikini direction.)
My underwear is looser.  (That's a sure indication of weight lost, every woman understands!)
Grilled fish, chicken, and veggies are wonderful.

Next post about diet and weight?  We'll see....I'm thinking mid-2013!

I plan to look like a zipper. You know, so thin, I'll have to stand side ways and stick out my tongue so you can see me!

How's Honeybuns reacting to this NEW ME?   A smile and a shake of the head.

Interpretation:  "Here we go again!"

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