Monday, September 24, 2012


A  distant cousin has contacted me on Face book asking about the family tree! She must have discovered and it's addiction.

While digging though old papers and photos to help feed her obsession I realized that one major memory that she will NOT find on that website is our old piano.  It was a huge part of my childhood.

It sat in our tiny living room, taking up valuable space that could've, should've been used for more practical purposes. It was actually a broken player piano complete with rolls of yellowed paper with many holes! Evidently it was important to Granny to keep it.  My sister and I spent hours being entertained and being the entertainers!  We performed for anyone that would listen. My happiest memory was of the times Granny herself would take time from cooking, cleaning and fishing to play a tune.  She knew three songs, played by ear and SANG with gusto. We knew ONE duet, Heart and Soul! Four Hands! It was fabulous!

Of course, my performances were preceded by hours/days/weeks/years of piano lessons.  Miss Alama was my first teacher.  In hindsight, she was wonderful. At the time, I wasn't sure. She was a pretty tough old gal and insisted that my fingers stay OFF the cracks between the ivories.

Anyone remember, John Thompsons "Teaching Little Fingers to Play?"  I find that series in flea markets once in a while and have to stop and smile.

Those years spent on that old piano were wonderful and surely drove other family members crazy. How many times can sane people listen to "The Flight of the Bumble Bee" or the "Minute Waltz?"

Practice produced results and I found myself accompanying soloists at state contests, high school choirs, conference attendees, church choirs and congregations.  My fondest memory was playing hymns for a Bible Study Fellowship retreat in Dallas a few years back while 3000 men and women sang the greatest hymns the church has ever known. Today I accompany the grandchildren on their horns, xylophones and plastic drums.  It's the BEST TIME! We could be winners or at least finalists on America's Funniest Home Videos!

I LOVED THE PIANO,  STILL DO!  Don't even think of discussing the modern day keyboards!
What phonies! Yes, I'm a purist.  REAL pianos do not have electric cords that must be plugged in, automatic beats, or buttons that make sounds like a flute, waterfalls, or steel drums!  Some things MUST remain simplistic!

I've had two pianos since one like this picture.  Another small upright that we bought WITH our first house. (The owner didn't want to move it!)   A few years back an ebony, 6 foot grand joined the family. SOME family members are discussing (behind my back of course) who will inherit it when I'm playing for the angelic choir.

Yes, one day the grown-grands will remember my piano and smile!

Now, how DO you include a piano on the family tree?

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