Thursday, September 13, 2012


Many walkers, joggers, and dog lovers of all types walk by our house every day. Today they will see this fabulous work of art!

Last night the folks at our church, Kirk of the Hills Tulsa, accepted the challenge to cover (or try to cover) all of Tulsa with artwork such as this. Fat sidewalk chalk was handed out and taken home.

Today we get to be kids again and draw on concrete.

It is the latest campaign from O.A.T.H. (Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans) The idea is to educate the public that 13 is now the age that young girls enter into prostitution, usually by FORCE, FRAUD or COERCION which is the definition of Human Trafficking. Hopefully all those casual walkers, bikers, shoppers, and joggers will be curious and actually go to their computers and type in she'  A brief video will explain this awful new statistic.

(That blue thing is supposed to represent a stiletto high heeled shoe. Pitiful, I know. But, art is not exactly my gift!)

We'll see how it goes.  The room was full and quiet as pictures and news of the dark world of modern day slavery was presented. 

Lovely, lovely people surely struggled with nightmares last night. That's the first step of "getting in the game" in order to take some action. 

The HT Task Force of the Kirk is fired up and ready to take it on. October 13th is the date set to gather as groups and "draw" all over Tulsa. This is going to be fun. Hopefully some very sweet young girls will be educated by their parents and protected from recruiters that want to use them for $$$$.

It's a 32 Billion dollar industry and it's time to eliminate their inventory, our children.

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