Monday, May 2, 2011


The news is overwhelming!  Osama bin Laden is dead!  The details are something right out of a political thriller and yet this time it's no  work of fiction.  He was hunted down, finally found and shot in the left eye!  The Mastermind of thousands of atrocities across the globe has met his end. 

Thousands of lives have been lost because of this one evil man.  Religion or nationality made no difference to this guy.  Muslims, Jews, Americans, Christians, Buddhists, all suffered worldwide.  The number of terrorists attacks he inspired will be revealed only as history is investigated and written in days ahead.  There will surely be a movie version as well.

It's a day of mixed emotions.  The joy in the streets of America contrasts with the silence in the streets of Pakistan. 

There are emotions doing battle in the hearts of Christian, as well, myself included.  Justice was served, no doubt.  Evil took a hit!  Perhaps millions of lives have been spared because future attacks have been thwarted.  God DOES use people, nations and even governments for His purposes as He so chooses.  The Bible proves that over and over again.  Yet,  HE is always on the side of peace, life and dignity.

Did/does God love OSB?  Yes.  Did Jesus die for the sins of this man?  Yes. Did Jesus command us to love our enemies and pray for them?  Yes.

Yet, OSB was determined to spend his life killing innocents, all in the name of his twisted version of religion. It seems his face personified evil.  Still, there was hope for him until he took his last breath.  But he breathes no more.  Yesterday he met his maker and we can only speculate as to how that went!

A wasted life.  He will forever be known as the enemy of mankind.

I'm convinced that if he'd been allowed to live another 20-30 years there would have been no change in his vision or purposes.

It is a complex world and a complex situation.  Wrath and love,  predestination and free will,  life and death,  joy and sorrow,  man's decision and God's sovereignty, all co-existing.  There are no simple explanations.
We all have a secret place in the center of our being that demands justice.  And it seems that justice has rained down, but justice is always accompanied by a hollow sadness.  Justice does not bring back the dead, but it is necessary.  That's Biblical!

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