Tuesday, May 10, 2011


THIS is a picture of an amazing MOM!  At first glance you may think this is just another typical SUV with SIX bicycles hanging off the back, but you would be wrong.

This vehicle depicts the heart of the woman that drives it. She also has FIVE children ages twelve to four riding along with her!

She is fearless and strong but most importantly she is  FUN! 

This past weekend our daughter-in-law Jamie packed up the children, the video games, the books, lots of snacks and drinks AND SIX bicycles.  Yep, this is her mode of transpo. She then drove 6 hours (one way) through CO and AZ so her brood could have some biking time with UNBELIEVABLE SCENERY.

They spent hours riding the bike paths around the south rim of the Grand Canyon before we got there.   When we finally located them  they were red faced, a little sore in the legs and pretty tired. 

We scooped them up, checked into a hotel, took them to the IMAX to cool off and rest a little.   Next came pizza and bedtime for the little ones and mommy while we took the big kids to see Jack Hanna and his animals at the Canyon.  Talk about a jam-packed day!

It's SO FUN watching this active brood having SO MUCH FUN!  It'll be years before these children realize that they have experienced more in their childhood than all other kids combined.  I'm positive that as adults they will compare their childhood experiences with their friends and feel sympathy for their grown buddies.  (Hopefully they will also be very thankful  for the architect of all those escapades!)

They have travelled the world from Hong Kong to Rwanda.  They have kayaked in the Philippines and splashed around with dolphins in Cabo.  They just returned from a Disney Cruise because they needed to see Princess Aurora and Chip n' Dale!  The list of adventures is long! (Getting them all through the security line at the airport is a feat in inself!)

Just thinking about their life makes me tired, but also makes me SMILE!  I am so thankful that Jamie has the drive and health and energy and focus to enjoy her kiddos and make sure  they enjoy life.  They live life to the MAX!

What a treat  it was to spend Mothers Day with them this year!  If I'd had an award I'd have given it to HER!

I can picture the golden statue of an SUV with SIX bikes attached.  The words across the bottom would read "The World's Most- Passionate- for -Life  Mom."

She has,  "Energy that boils over and runs down the side of the pot."  We love it and we love HER!

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  1. Thanks, Beebs! I needed that and I loved that! You made me tear up (which these days isn't too hard to do, but a big deal anyway). Thanks for loving me the way you do!