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I love the land, the history, the food, the people, the landmarks, and the absolute CRITICAL CONCEPT that Israel as a nation must exist!

There are huge movements on this planet right now whose goal it is to bring that country to nothing!  In the past I have dismissed this concept as just a few very loud and radical voices spouting their venom. Surely, NO ONE would take seriously the threats of a lunatic neighbor.  He has publically declared MANY times his goal is to remove Israel from the face of the earth.  Israel could end his ranting and raving at any given moment with just a nod to go ahead and push the nuclear button. Missiles are cocked and ready, pointing in all directions.

It seems like the button may just be pushed any day now.

Just a few short years ago we visited that Biblical land and talked  at length with a retired military man.  He shared stories of Israel being at war with Egypt and how Egypt was expected to win battle after battle yet miraculously when forces met the Egyptians unexpectedly just turned and ran away.  No explanation!  He guided us to the hills of the Golan Heights and explained the battles that occurred there.    He explained the 1967 war. We purchased a video to review these facts again and again once we got home.

When we asked this very articulate and brave man what he believed to be the solution  to the conflict over the land  he replied, "It's the map! Whenever the boundaries are reached there will be peace."  He then pulled a rough drawing from his pocket.

His map of the future land called Israel would encompass all land from the Euphrates and Tigris rivers to the sea!  It was the Biblical description of the territory given to the Jewish people during the time of Abraham.  This description was repeated again and again to Abraham's descendants. We checked his claims.  He's got facts to stand on.

This morning I was driving home from a little volunteering position and the announcer came on the radio with the excited news, "BREAKING NEWS!"  President Obama had just finished a speech in which he declared that the United States wants the borders of Israel to return to the 1967 line.

WHAT???   With all due respect,  he wasn't speaking for ME, or others like me.  I think we're called Christian Zionists, those who believe the book, those who believe that the existence of the nation of Israel is an idea straight from the heavenlies.

The  radio announcer called the Presidents statement a "bombshell."  Very poor choice of words!  Because it may just come to that!

Oh, my,  I never thought I'd live to see the day that the US would denounce the only country in that part of the world that treats it's citizens with dignity, that is flourishing in a million ways, that contributes to the welfare of the whole world, that governs by the rule of law, that holds women in high esteem and is light years ahead of all their neighbors scientifically.

Will Jerusalem be divided?  Will the holy sights that we now are free to visit be open to all, or will they be shut up tight as is the Dome of the Rock. (That particular sight was built on tourists dollars and is now a mosque that only Muslims can enter.) Will the garden tomb be destroyed like the desert Buddhas? Will women be required to wear those god-awful burkas?  Will women be refused the right to drive a car, own a business or go to school?  What happens to the rest of us when Jews are targeted for death?  Didn't we already experience that and swore to ourselves, "never again?"

Honeybuns just gave his input.  "Forget 1967. Why don't we honor the border that was drawn over there  about 2000 BC."
(HHHHmmmmnnnn, more thoughts of Abraham.)

This news has far reaching effects.  We can only imagine where we're going from here.

LOOK OUT TEXAS!  You might be next!

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  1. Thanks for this. I appreciate your insight! Love and miss you!!