Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My tiara is all shined up!  I pulled it out of the bottom of the toy box.  (Four little grandaughters love that cheap plastic crown!)

The countdown is on and it'll be just a couple of days before all of England and half of America witnesses Kate and Will tie the knot! I plan to place that familiy heriloom of a crown on my head, cuddle up in my jammies and watch the whole thing on  TV this Friday am. Perhaps a champagne toast will be appropriate as well.  (Can I toast the TV?)

Talk about hype.  The whole affair is receiving world wide attention, yet there are a few men I know that look upon this whole business with disgust.  Can you believe it?

It's the wedding of the century!!!   EVERY woman wants to see the DRESS.  And we're waiting with nervous anticipation for the walk down the aisle, the children serving as attendants, and the guests arriving with those god-awful hats. We'll hold our breath and strain our eyes to get a glimpse of Will as he gets his first glimpse of his bride. We'll sniffle during the music and break into a wail IF we see the new couple kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. We'll remember his mother and be sad that she isn't in the family pictures.  We'll watch Harry watch the available young women attending! We'll try to ignore Charles and Camilla and laugh at the Queen's ever present purse! Yes, those royals ARE entertaining!

EVERY woman loves a wedding AND a fairy tale wedding is the icing on the fancy cake. This fairy tale seems to be the one that actually might have a happy ending.  BUT, then again, I thought that as I watched Diana navigate that 25 foot train down the aisle of Westminster Abbey so many years ago.  (I'll never understand the attraction of being married in a tomb!)

Honeybuns will sleep through the ceremony, he could  care less. He's perturbed that the wedding is receiving any attention from the media at all.  There's so many more important problems to consider and solve.

I on the other hand will not miss a minute of the festivities. A future king just doesn't marry the future queen just every day!

A royal wedding is a break, a relief, an escape from reality. Grab the Kleenexes, let's have a good cry over something happy for a change.

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