Friday, May 13, 2011


I did not expect my trip to the  drive-by dry cleaners to be so enlightening!  

I pulled up to the window and watched the employee saunter my way.  He was a young man, probably in his mid 20's.  He looked liked he was pretty tired, maybe he'd been up all night the previous 24.  He had a three day stubble growing on his face, bloodshot eyes, tattoos and piercings in odd places.

He dutifully placed my husbands shirts on the hook  in the back seat and I handed him a check, $9.75.   As we made the little transaction there at my drivers side window I noticed that a week ago I'd also written at check to that establishment but had forgotten to record the amount in my checkbook.  (THAT is a cardinal sin at our house!)  So I asked him if he would check his computer on that particular day and tell me the amount!

He looked up lazily."Just put $9.00, I'm sure it was for $9.00, no big deal!  Just enter $9.00."

Me,  "$9.00??  How do you know that?"

Him,  "Just write down $9.00, it'll be o.k.  It doesn't matter, just enter $9.00"

Me,  "Well, how do you know how much laundry/dry cleaning I picked up that day?"

After a few seconds he turned around, took two steps back into the building and tapped on his computer.

He looked back,  "$15.75!  Your check that day was for $15.75."

I wrote down the amount, thanked him and drove off laughing!

I pondered that exchange.  Just put down...X. ???  It doesn't matter??  Just enter any amount???  Who cares anyway???

I'm thinking I just witnessed the HUGE gap between generations that we're always hearing about.  I'm sure he thought he'd just spoken to a  female dinosaur.

I hope that young man is never in charge of bridge building, open heart surgery, or becomes the president of my bank.

On second thought, I doubt I need  to worry about such things, you think?

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