Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sedona, AZ is FILLED with art!  This fellow here is just one of many that stand guard over nearly every sidewalk and street.   Touring that beautiful city is an education on many levels. Why all those artsy folks gathered to live and work in this place is understandable!  The whole town is surrounded by the most magnificent natural "art" found anywhere in the world.   Soaring red mountains all around give you the sense of breathing within a cathedral. The scenery changes color with the position of the sun and the clouds overhead.

You can pick out one of those artists at a glance.  They "dance to a different drummer" and the result is visible.  We watched them move about the town with  freedom to dress  quirky, live on the time table directed by the sun and it's shadows,  and care less what people think about their work.

This guy  represents a shaman.  A  shaman (shay'man) is a hocus pocus kind of fellow that supposedly talks to dead ancestors.  It is believed that only he can heal folks, receive direction, curses, etc. from the spiritual world. Magic is his game and deceit is  his name! Looking into those dark holes for eyes gives me the willies!  Perhaps his magical talent is the ability to scare the germs right out of  sick folks! I'd certainly abandon ship if I were a virus and saw this coming at me!

Truly, ART is in the eye of the BEHOLDER!  Although I doubt I will ever buy anything like this, I really DO appreciate the talent it took to fashion this fella out of scrap metal.  Now just who would think of such a thing and then actually DO it?

TALENT ON STEROIDS!  That's our explanation! 

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