Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It started out in my closet!  It was terrible!  An overwhelming, take your breath away odor was coming from SOMEWHERE!

I sprayed, lit a candle, hung an envelope of potpourri and still it persisted.  I was sure an animal was dead and decaying right there alongside my hanging jeans and collection of Crocs!

Finally, after checking the higher-than-me shelves, the clothing hung in the back corners that I never wear, the shelves of purses, sweatshirts and sweaters I made my way down to the floor.  The get-down-on-all-fours snift test did the trick!  The mystery was solved!

That foul odor was coming from a brand new never-been-worn before shoes!  The manufacturer is Me Too, they are pewter and cute as can be. (Flats, silver, comfy, a perky little bow on top!)

The silver composite material on the outside of the shoe had evidently come from a SKUNK!  I took them outside to air!

Thinking that I must surely be out of my mind, I went online to investigate.  Sure enough, right there on the MeToo website was a list of reviews for this very product.  Alongside the  thirty or so very positive comments were six entries describing this awful smell that came with the very cute pewter colored flats. Skunk odor was mentioned, strong onions, horse dung, dead camel, and other such adjectives were used.  Yippee, I was NOT crazy or imagining this ordeal.

After a couple of days of airing them outside and about a week of de-toxing in the garage I was sure the problem was solved.

(Honeybuns INSISTS that they are stored in the garage.  I'm  a little fearful that the smell will ignite the gasoline can used for the lawn mower and sooner or later we'll all go KA-BLUEY, as Barney Fife would say!)

Last weekend I was sitting in the SMU auditorium in Dallas, waiting for the grandgirls ballet recital to start when their father sitting next to me finally got up the nerve to lean over and say, "Mom, what is that awful smell coming from your direction?"  I stuck my right foot up into the air right under his nose.  "Is this it?"   "YES, what is going on with those shoes?"

I explained the situation. 

He couldn't believe it.  "Why are you wearing those?!?!" He quietly moved over two seats.

Only one rational answer that women understand,  "Because they're SO cute!"

Now you cannot not only SEE me coming but SMELL me as well!  Don't forget to look down, my feet DO LOOK CUTE!

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