Saturday, December 1, 2012


Every woman does it!  Morning chores!  SOMEBODY has to take care of those nasty DALEY details of life so the family doesn't come down with the heebie jeebies or some other deadly disease.

AND I'm confidant every woman does it in her NIGHTWEAR!

The schedule goes like this at our house:  wake up, breakfast, CHORES BEGIN!

The stuff that must get done:  clean up the kitchen, make the beds, throw SOMETHING in the washing machine, pick up mess from night before, hang up the laundry that should have been hung the day before, throw out a few items that have grown legs in the fridge, fold a few towels that were left in the dryer from yesterday, spray a disinfectant on faucets and bathroom fixtures, and give the air a couple of squirts of Lysol! DONE!

The time it takes to do all this is directly related to what fun thing is NEXT on the schedule. If I'm headed out to go shopping, meet a friend, attend an important meeting, or head to the airport  I can "fly" right through this schedule with a "lick and a promise."

The attire for this activity is simple:  whatever I woke up in, plus my bright yellow crocs!  (You know, the shoe that NO ONE has EVER complimented as "cute.")

Yes, I join all women across America who think its foolish to shower, wash hair and dress BEFORE DOING morning chores.  How silly!

This habit is DANGEROUS! 

I was reminded of this yesterday as the doorbell rang RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of cleaning the bathroom. My neighbor was coming up the side walk!

What to do?  Hide?  Fake deafness? Run out the back door?  Make her wait by the door while I quickly showered, washed my hair, dried it, chose an outfit and put on my shoes?

I swallowed my pride, slapped on a robe and answered the door.  I was sure I looked like something a truck had run over, backed up and run over again.  MUCH to my surprise she was NOT instantly blinded!  She had something important to say!

Reminds me of the story of the gal that was doing her laundry in her basement.  A leaky pipe above her washing machine caused her to slip on her son's football helmet to keep her head dry while loading the wash.  As an afterthought she slipped off her jammies and threw them in the water as well.  There she stood, butt naked, but SAFE in the shadows of her basement.

About that time the plumber arrived to fix the leak. Her husband had let him in the house and directed him to the basement.

He took one look at her and said, "Lady, I don't know who you're playing for, but I want to be on YOUR team."

ONE of these days we'll ALL learn. 

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