Monday, December 31, 2012



We hit the ground celebrating!  Our first minutes in Durango, CO were spent at Maggie's school concert.  Singing and band music filled the auditorium. The Braners took up an entire row to support Maggie.  It was SO GOOD to see the Fab5 and their parents!!
 The next day Maggie and her classmates sent their hot air balloons up into the clear Colorado sky!  What fun!  Christmas parties at the elementary school topped off the day!
Their beautiful Colorado home was filled with Christmas cheer!
Sat. morning was designated as CHRISTMAS MORNING which involved lots of gifts, of course! It was a year of headphones, jewelry, clothes, toys and a special "daddy only" Wii! THEN, we piled into two cars for an ART CLASS in downtown DURANGO!
Everyone painted a TREE!  Hidden talent revealed!! What a great memory! We love these people to the MOON AND BACK!

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