Monday, December 31, 2012


After unpacking from Colorado, doing a little laundry, packing up again and sleeping for a few hours we were off to Illinois.  We flew to St. Louis, drove two hours and settled in at the Leischner Family Farm/Barn near Arenzville, Illinois.  My sister, her husband and their children/spouses/grandchildren filled their beautiful home.

These are the grandchildren: Kelsey,  Lauren, Luke, Chloe, Alex and Oliver!  What a fun time to see them all together!

We were thrilled to see Mark, Sherrie, Julia and Matt!
And so proud of them!  (Shouldn't those boys still be 10 and 9?)

 What would Christmas be WITHOUT UGLY SWEATERS!


 The "hit" gift was GOATS! Alex and Chloe "received" goats sent to Africa to feed a family there!  After lots of food and fun, we were off to Christmas #4! 

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