Monday, December 31, 2012


I love this picture!  This explains it all! NOW, every serious element of all previous celebrations were thrown out the window.  It was time for GAG gifts and more fun than the law allows.
Bill (the funniest man on earth) Donna (the OLDER sister) Me (in a borrowed robe) and Honeybuns (sporting a cap with lights under the bill)

It was just the four of us Christmas morning, unwrapping underwear, hankies, FRUITCAKE, Duck Dynasty videos, books, and tote bags!  HEADLAMPS FOR EVERYONE - Priceless!
Honeybuns took this picture with his left arm/hand while we huddled together, shining our lights for all the world to see.  This moment will go down in family history!

Mid-morning we packed up ourselves, cookies and gifts for the drive over to Quincy, Illinois to the Illinois Veterans Home. Uncle Bub has lived there since last March. This would be his first Christmas away from his house in Concord.  As a surprise I organized a "card shower" and he received over 100 Christmas cards.  We/he read each one as we explained to him who had actually sent him greetings.  So many folks from all over the US took a minute to brighten this WWII veterans day. He was thrilled. He's doing so well, content, happy and physically stronger.  (He continues to insist that at one time he played third base for the St. Louis Cardinals for many years. (!) I suppose if you're 88 you can be anything you want to be! Who's going to argue??) 

This man has known us since birth!  We have lots of history together!  And we are very grateful to him.  What a cutie-patootie!

I took him this singing, dancing Christmas tree!  He shook his head and rolled his eyes at me.  AND SMILED!  I'm sure he expected it!

It was a great CHRISTMAS DAY!


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  1. So fun! I'm glad he got so many cards. He looks amazing! I think he looks better than I've ever seen him!