Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm sure it's the same one. We first met last spring, I could pick him out in a police line-up.  He made his first  appearance this year just a few days ago.   He showed up at my bedroom window and later in the morning again at the living room window.  I was hoping that was a fluke, a one time visit. But alas, this morning he appeared again.

After being up awake in the predawn hours with an allergy attack,  I was back in dreamland sleeping just FINE until about 7:30.  I heard the familiar and rapid, "peck, peck, peck" on the bedroom window.  Honeybuns heard it as well.   His words were next, "we need a bee bee gun!"

Mr. Robin waited then  jumped from one high window ledge to another, pecking and staring in at us until he was absolutely sure all four eyes were open and fixed on him!  He is one determined narcissistic creature.

Honeybuns gave up on sleep and started his day.  I tried to ignore Robin and buried my head in the pillows.  There was blessed silence for about thirty minutes.

He returned.  Evidently he was not satisfied that just one of us had surrendered in the battle of the sheets. This time he chose the window nearest my head and gain started his drumming, jumping and staring.  I stared back, but to no avail.  He is NOT intimidated by my courage, anger, or size!

My familiar-with-bird-activity friend reminded me that a couple of years ago  a bird nest  was wedged onto that window ledge and  perhaps this bird was just coming home. (Think Salmon!)  OR it could be he is just admiring his own reflection in the glass. 

Well, I can go with either theory IF he were just celebrating a reunion or primping in the bedroom windows alone.  BUT, he follows me, appearing at the windows of the room I am in throughout the day.  He's a STALKER BIRD!  Are there laws against this?

He's a PEEPING TOM bird, or perhaps a SERIAL KILLER bird.  Soon he'll be the HE DROVE HER CRAZY bird!

That's what they'll put on my tombstone,  Here lies....(me).....driven insane,  she lost the BATTLE OF THE BIRDS.

I'm putting it in writing on this day.  IF anything happens to me,  ARREST the bird!

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