Friday, April 1, 2011


My friend and I have a dream!  We enter into each other's dream and move about freely.  (Think of the movie: INCEPTION!)
She  often sends me pictures via facebook and invites me to join her for a while.  It's always a great time.  I/we can spend hours in this dream state.

We both DREAM of owing one of these.  They're called VINTAGE travel trailers and we've longed for this for YEARS.   If necessary we could own one JOINTLY, as in shared custody.  She might need to take it out for a spin in her Florida neighborhood or I could travel over to Grand Lakes for a sunny weekend to watch the fish swim by.  We might just park it in her backyard and  sit on  folding "web - style" lawn chairs and just enjoy the view.  Or we could roll over the interstate to visit a grandchild or two.  

We have plans to purchase our dream, probably off the Internet. We've each been doing research.  (Our husbands know nothing of this, it's going to be a surprise!! We'll invite them on trips only if they prove they are NOT claustrophobic! )  There ARE places where these little babies are stored, restored and then sold for a tidy sum.

We are not proud, we might just buy a "fixer-upper."  There is no doubt that we would quickly come to an agreement as to the style of the interior.  The "50's" look would suit both of us just fine. Husbands would be enlisted to do the dirty work while we went shopping for just the right curtains and Formica topped tiny table, red probably!  I can smell the OLD design even as I write this. Nope, none of that modern, sleek, slick stuff for us! All linens, fabrics, carpet, etc. will need to be washed out and sporting a few holes.

A/C, electricity and a bathroom are top priorities.  Other than that we're flexible.  I could do without a kitchen, but she'll need a coffee pot!

We'll need some outfits to match our little cutie, perhaps  colorful striped "pedal pushers" with  outrageous floral shirts.  Straw hats and flip flops are critical.   We'll need a couple of plastic pink flamingos to keep watch.  Green "astro-terf" will be rolled out to tickle our tootsies.  Cheap ugly plastic flowers will fill pots to brighten the "patio."

There will be a need for a matching car to pull us down the road IF we should happen to feel the need for a road trip.  There will be no plans, no map, no final destination spot.  All we'll need is a sunny day and some gas, at $.25 a gallon.

YAWN!  I think I'll stay  here for a while.  It's SO pleasant!

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