Monday, April 18, 2011


Later this morning I'm joining several unbelievably fabulous mothers for a "brain storming" session as we assembly our Mom's Panel.

The idea was not mine and it's not a new concept, but it's a good one, I love it.  Six of us that have had the wonderful experience of raising children are coming together to form a panel of "expertise."  (The word "expert" is used loosely in this case.)

Each of us has formed a list titled, "The Top Ten Things I Have Learned or Am Learning'" about specific areas of child rearing.  One delightful young woman will share what she has learned about parenting her 4 yr. old son, Jack.  Another will share experiences of elementary age children, another the teen years and another college lessons.  My task is to discuss the years of being a mom to married children with children of their own.  A very lovely woman will share how her life as a widow affected her children and their relationship.

We plan to have a Q&A  session following the presentation in order to encourage women  that there is indeed hope and help.
We're discovering that parenting is often the most lonely career choice a woman can undertake.

We plan to be available for women's groups where such a panel might be appropriate. 

I am stunned at the maturity and wisdom of the women I've met that comprise this panel.  They are strong and weak, humble and proud,  brave and fearful, all at the same moment. They are confident and insecure, vocal and yet silent, filled with joy and at the same time marked with a tinge of sadness. These women are full of faith and at the same time very prayerful for their children's futures.

No doubt there is much wisdom in all the "how to" books on the shelves. But to look into a mother's eyes as she honestly relates her experiences is powerful.  We've already laughed, fussed, and cried together, marveling at the depth of love we have for our children regardless of their age or stage of life.

There will be 60 important lessons shared.  What a vast resource of encouragement! 

I hope this little panel will become just one tool of bringing young moms and older moms together for some interesting dialogue.  After all is said and done we're in this  scary and most- rewarding  business of parenting together!  Who knows, maybe some precious kiddos will benefit as well.

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