Monday, April 25, 2011


This little cutie just turned FOUR!   Has it been four years since we first met? 

Most grandmothers meet their new grand babies in a hospital nursery or a sweet home setting.  I met Gabby at the Tulsa airport.  She'd just arrived from her native home of Rwanda.  She was small with over sized brown eyes looking up at me from her stroller.  Her new American mommy had spent days jumping through all the crazy hoops that government had established to get her to that airport.  It was a relief and a joyous celebration to have her on Oklahoma soil.

She'd come a long way!  Her birth mother deposited her at the gate of an African orphanage where she spent a cold and lonely night before being discovered by the guard.  Her first few months were spent at that orphanage until word got out that she was available for adoption. Through a series of unplanned events, phone calls and visits from American friends Jamie learned of her existence.  And as they say, the rest is history.

When we first met she was a sweet little helpless baby.  It was impossible NOT to love her immediately.

Now here we are four years later with many wonderful memories.  She is absolutely delightful!  She is happy, funny and a powerhouse of energy.  Her smile would melt an iron heart.  She loves her family and all of life.  She bounces rather than walks through her day.  She is polite and kind yet never lets her  three big brothers get away with anything! (Her mommy calls that "squawking.")

I've seen her race down a hill on her trike, ski down a mountain, and jump fearlessly into a huge pool.  She runs and jumps into her Daddy's arms and says "thank you" over the phone like an adult.  Her little body is nothing but muscle and her skinny legs still look like toothpicks and are hard to fit.  She loves frilly skirts and hi-heeled shoes, even if they belong to mommy.

Gabby is a gift to enjoy!  I can't imagine life without her!!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BABY GIRL!

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