Tuesday, March 29, 2011


There is it!  A chicken sitting on a can!  Can you see it?  It's that piece of white metal just between the place where the feet SHOULD be. This recipe came to me via a new cookbook I was just sure I needed.  (I added it to the 100+ already on my pantry shelf.)  The magical trick for this delectable edible is what's IN the can.   Stuck right into that chicken's rear is a can of beer!!! 
Yes, I know it seems odd, but as the book stated, if we followed the directions exactly we would be dining on the most delicious chicken known to mankind.

I searched the grocery store over for just the right brand of beer.   Now...just what is the right brand for this occasion?  Is it the Milwaukee, St. Louis or German kind?  Since I know nothing about beer, it was a challenge.  (Personally I think beer tastes like rotten apples, but over 2/3 of America disagrees so who am I to say?)
Also, much to my dismay, you can't buy just ONE can of beer to flavor a chicken, it only comes in 6-packs.  So....I chose the can that seemed a little bit  more  "artistic"  than the others and loaded it into my grocery buggy. I had plans of making this recipe at least SIX times!

When Honeybuns opened the fridge last Sat. he was sure I'd taken up drinking and I let him think that for a while!  It's good to shake him up every so often.

After cleaning the chicken the night before and dropping it into a bowl of  24 oz.  of COCA-COLA for the night, that fowl was ready for the can and the grill.  I propped him/her (?) up on that can and set the grill ablaze.  1 1/2 hours later dinner was ready.

Getting the "chicken with can" OFF the grill was another challenge.  That process alone was another candidate for the Funniest Home Video contest.  We were both armed with tongs, pans, & oven gloves and finally got the thing into the house without dropping it on the concrete patio first.  I'm really sad that the neighbors did not witness that ordeal, it was priceless!  There was much yelling, tossing and a few burned fingers, but we were convinced beyond all doubt that our taste buds would appreciate the effort!

The directions said to let it "rest" for 15 minutes. What's that about?  Has this chicken been working???? Why does it now need a rest??

Getting  it OFF the can was another trick but not quite as traumatic. 

FINALLY, the moment had arrived.  The pre-dinner taste test!  WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!  It tasted  like......

Normal old chicken, nothing extraordinary....just chicken.

Well, that's just great!  Now I have a choice.  I can make FIVE more recipes of this mediocre chicken, or DRINK FIVE cans of beer!
I had no idea that being a gourmet chef would involve so many decisions! It could drive one to drink!

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