Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The telephone rang yesterday afternoon and after my "hello" the caller identified herself by her first name.  No problem there, right? That is proper telephone etiquette for sure.

 My problem is, I know MANY women by that same first name.  Which one was it, my long ago friend, a volunteer in one of the many organizations where I spend time,  a relative, or the woman at the grocery store that told me of her recent husbands death?  (I held her as she cried!)

 I have a few distant relatives that don't give me a name at all, just a "hey, there," assuming that I recognize their voice and know exactly who I am talking to!!

When that happens I'm at a loss as what to say next, waiting, waiting, waiting for some clue as to who is reaching out to touch me.   It's an awkward moment! There have been times that I've listened for several MINUTES before figuring it out!

Explanation:  Several years ago I attended a book club for the first time with my neighbor at a nearby library.  We sat at the oval table along with several other strangers and proceeded to write our names on those sticky name tags.  That's always a good thing to do in a new group!  I scribbled my name as I talked with my friend, looked around the room, excitedly waiting for the leader to begin the discussion.

After a few minutes, my neighbor leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Why does your name tag say Joyce?"  I looked down. Sure enough!  I had written JOYCE as my own name!  At that time I didn't even KNOW a Joyce, was certainly NOT a Joyce, and had no intention of becoming a JOYCE! The author of the book was not named JOYCE and neither was the librarian. There was not a JOYCE in the room.  I ripped it off my shirt and confessed,  "I have NO idea why I wrote the name JOYCE."

Why do I bring up that silly TRUE story?  Well, because there are days  I evidently don't even know who I am, let alone able to recognize the women that call me up and identify themselves by their first names only!

It's a dilemma, probably a bon-a-fide disability!  But, that's the way it is! 

Please don't think me rude if I insist, "Gotta tell me who you are before we go any further here."

Maybe we should just text!  How r u? C U tmarrow! LOL! Pick U up in 60!

Geez!  That presents a whole new set of etiquette problems.  I think I'll just keep guessing!

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