Saturday, June 9, 2012


Our house has a library!  Yep, when 5 bookcases of 6 shelves each are stacked to the max, its a bonafide LIBRARY! 

The grandkids love it!They have 2 shelves designated for people under 10 years old.  We play library sometimes,  complete with library cards, date stamps and fines! I never get to be the librarian and I am always told to "shush."  Kindly, of course!
I sneak into the "children's area" often and thoroughly enjoy Dr. Seuss,  Patricia Polacco, or Skippy John Jones!

Once in a while it's time to PURGE! Those 30 shelves can hold only so much abuse.  I've long abandoned the practice of "bring one book in, take one book out" plan!

Yesterday was the day.  And getting rid of ANY book is almost physically painful for me.  (I know, it's a disease, but as yet, there is no known cure! Science is working on it as we speak!)

How could I possible say goodbye to Jodi Picould, Ernest Hemingway, Barbara Kingsolver, Jim Fergus, Alexander McCall Smith, Harry Potter, David Baldacci, John Grisham, Andy Braner, Carl Mederis, Francinne Rivers, John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, Max Lucaddo, John Piper, Ravi Zacherias, Lee Strobel, Ray Stedman, Warren Wiersebe, John Steinbeck, Erma Bombeck, Tom Clancy, David Platt, Timothy Keller, Steve Saint, Gracie Burnam and so many others? We have lived together a long time, We KNOW each other.  I would miss them terribly, I'm not sure how they'd feel about being evicted! 

  So I didn't!

BUT, THIS stack on the chair IS going to charity and the 1981 entire World Book Encyclopedia is headed to the garage!  (WHO wants THAT complete set? I checked online at eBay and Craig's List and there are lots of  folks out there trying to sell their once valuable reference books!  No buyers! Shall I save them for future generations in case someone wants to know what a "book" actually looks like?)

Today I am proud to say, I  have room for a few pictures on those shelves, and extra space just in case I find a few "new friends" that are calling my name!

I've promised Honeybuns I'll finish the 11 books I've checked out of the Broken Arrow Library BEFORE heading to Barnes & Noble!  My addiction is a budget buster, can't get out of B&N under $50.00. 

Thank God for the public library!  It's saved this marriage!

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