Monday, May 28, 2012

Two Cemeteries in One Day!

The lake? the park? the picnic? the backyard bar-b-que? the pool?Nope! Honeybuns and I spent this Memorial Day morning at TWO cemeteries! Oh,  my, what an experience!
Memorial Park Cemetery  of Tulsa and American Legion Post One  raised a red, white and blue tent on the cemetery grounds, invited the Tulsa Community Band,  Washington DC dignitaries, and the 138th  Fighter Wing ANG Flyover pilots to their celebration honoring military heroes. The Young Marines presented and retired the Colors, Sue Wilson sang the National Anthem beautifully, and Bill Goswick played Taps!  The Tulsa Band was excellent! 

 Lt. Gen. Harry M. Wyatt III, Director of the Air National Guard at the Pentagon was the keynote speaker. And he was FINE!  He honored the heroes of all branches of the military with dignity and respect. He drew our attention to the fact that it is ONLY the AMERICAN  soldier that is willing to die for the cause of freedom for all Americans AND foreigners who desire and deserve it as well. He reminded us that all the equipment, technology and resources available to the American military is useless without the volunteer SOLDIER that secures peace and freedom.  Lt. Wyatt exuded strength and kindness, it was a privilege to hear him. 

Veterans and their families filled the tent and received several standing ovations.  A 21 gun salute was sounded and prayers were offered. It was stirring!

Next stop, Floral Haven Cemetery of Broken Arrow.

Floral Haven must be the finest flag-place to be on Memorial Day!  Thousands of flags are placed on those grounds, each one a casket flag of a deceased military person.   Dog tags hang from the flagpoles to identify loved ones, and thousands of flowers and people filled that place today. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded with military precision and names of deceased soldiers are read aloud as family and friends stand in silence. On this sunny, windy day, it was a sight to behold!

Perhaps Arlington National Cemetery is just as impressive today, I doubt it!

So why all the ceremony and ritual?  To make absolutely sure that present and future Americans can still to go to the lakes, the parks, the picnics, the backyard bar-be-ques and the pools! 

The men and women now resting in those places deserve our utmost respect and gratitude.

(I doubt that freedom is ever really appreciated until it's taken away. I pray that we, our children and grandchildren don't have to experience that life lesson to learn it!)

Now, I'm going to go fire up the grill!

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