Saturday, May 12, 2012


Jamie and Nancy
Of all the mothers in the world, THESE two are the most important to Honeybuns and me.

 Jamie has been Andy's best friend and sweetheart for about 17 years, wife for 15.  Nancy has been Philip's heart-throb and confidant for 12 years, wife for 10. We've known them both for that long as well and what we know, we like!

GOD Himself chose these beautiful young women to be part of our family before the foundations of the earth.  And HE did good! Each one is ideally suited for our boys. And they are ideally suited for us!

There has never been two more different girls, but there has never two more different young men either.  Jamie is adventurous and brave, Nancy is  traditional and loves detail. Jamie might be swimming with sharks one moment and wisely counseling a pregnant teenager the next.  Nancy has impeccable taste and enjoys surrounding her family with beauty. Jamie designs fabulous t-shirts for a non-profit that supports African orphans. Nancy teaches her children traditional hymns and Jamie's kids rock out to Justin Beiber. The variety is simply delightful!

They both love God and seek to be obedient to His plan for their lives.

It is sheer joy to watch them do life. 

Also, their households are full!

Jamie is mother to Hays 13, Maggie 10, Tiki 8, Dax 7, and Gabby 5!  There is NEVER a dull moment in that CO mountain home and if one SHOULD arrive, Jamie makes sure some fun happens to fill in the lull. 

Nancy is mom to Gracie 7, Mollie 5, Thompson 2 and Betsy 1.  The action never ceases there either.
She laughs at each new antic and also enjoys her children thoroughly.

Both know how to PLAY!  And when these kiddos are grown they will have the best memories to laugh about around their own kitchen tables.

Our sons believe in these girls. Their wives light up the world and they are appreicated immensely.

 Jamie and Nancy bring their husbands comfort and encouragement, strength and dignity. Their homes and their children are top priorities. They love fiercely and unconditionally. They have more wisdom than I ever thought about having at their age.  I greatly respect them and their ideas.

I pray for them without ceasing.  Today I pray that they will have the best Mother's Day Ever!

We love them both to the moon and back!

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