Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Warning:  This blog post is depressing!  Proceed at the risk of YOUR mental health or at least your MOOD!

I am bewildered! Not stressed, not anxious, not angry, and not ready for the rubber room just yet.

 And  I am a list maker. 

Lists are therapy for me.  If I can see it in a concise form, somehow it becomes manageable!

I'll title this one: The Top 15 BAFFLING REALITIES OF TODAY.

1. A bomb in a pressure cooker kills and maims, and poisionous letters are sent to Congress.
2. The trial of abortionist Gosnell is totally ignored by the American media.
3. California citizens readily sign a petition to "rid" America of the first and second amendments after being told that they would be supporting their President.
4. The new health care law is contained in 17,000 pages and Dr's. shake their head in disbelief at the size and directives.  (One local Dr. recently predicted that America will skip socialized medicine and willingly accept communism, called by another more positive name of course.)
5. Marriage is being re-defined and if you support the differences and roles of men and women you are a dangerous bigot.
6. A black brilliant neuro-surgeon is labeled and threatened because he happens to be conservative.
7. Proven adulterers and sex addicted politicians are returning to office with the support of voters.
8. Guns laws are being debated and presented for a vote in congress that would not have stopped ANY of the past mass shootings, ignoring the fact that criminals do not OBEY LAWS.
9. Over half of the population believes that the way to get out of debt is to BORROW AND SPEND trillions of dollars MORE. (Rain tax is supported: taxing people for the amount of rain that falls on their property, monitored by satellites.)
10. Modern day slavery is rampant and the porn industry that feeds Human Trafficking is considered recreation. (Customers are white men with discretionary income.)
11. Infanticide is considered a "decision between a mother and her Dr."
12. Jay Leno has proven that most folks on the street do not know the name of the Vice President.
13. 1 Ambassador and 3 others are murdered in Benghazi and no one knows why.
14. Illegal is now defined as undocumented.
15. (Honeybuns favorite)  Corporate jet owners that worked and paid for their planes are vilified while the one criticizing flies around the world at the expense of the tax payer.

There are more but if I go on, I'll have to eat a bag of Oreos, just to get through the day.

So, what do I/we do with "the new normal?"

A. Ignore it all, tend to my own knitting and pretend none of this affects me or my family.
B. Try to be a voice of reason when given the opportunity.  "Evil reigns when good men do nothing."
C. Rest in the Sovereignty of God, knowing that "nothing can separate me from His love."
D. all of the above.

I choose B and C. 

Whew! That was hard but I have a plan!

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