Monday, April 1, 2013


First fish of the season! It's there, you just have to squit one eye and look very closely. It was the ONLY one hungry enough to take a chance on that worm.

Papa is holding the line and that "monster" fish is hanging on the hook.  (Not to fret, we released him back into the lake immediately after this picture, no permanent harm done to him.)

It was Thompson's very first fishing trip. (age 3)  Nevermind that it lasted only about an hour and the "trip" consisted of a short walk from our house.  It was a VERY big deal for him. 

He loved the tackle box and all the equipment, the lake, the geese, the turtles and the setting. He did NOT love the fishing worms.  And he did not kiss the worm before it went on the hook, "just for luck."

Every little boy needs to know about fishing. Hopefully next time we'll go somewhere and catch one big enough to FRY!  I'm sure he'll love that!

A fishing trip with Papa!  Priceless!

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