Sunday, April 21, 2013


The Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AR is FABULOUS!

Honeybuns and I drove over Saturday for the day. 

We've heard many positive comments about this museum so we needed to see it for ourselves.  It's amazing how many Masterpieces are housed there in the hills of northern Arkansas, home of Sam Walton and the Walton dynasty.

The building itself is worth the drive!  It is a maze of curves, water features, and soaring windows. Views of blooming dogwoods and native plants along the many walking trails makes it an indoor/outdoor experience. Entrance is free, thanks to the Walton foundation and Saturday it was FULL!  Families, couples, baby strollers and prom dates wandered through the corridors. (The gowns and tuxedos added to the festive atmosphere.) Museum volunteers were everywhere making sure everyone was having a good time and the pieces were protected.
Walking Boy!
The upscale restaurant is fun and very popular. Special "reading rooms" furnished with comfy sofas and books related to art gives weary feet a rest while curious eyes can flip through art history pages.

The permanent collection is something I would expect to see in NYC or perhaps France. Both traditional and modern art was breathtaking! Even the sculptures were entertaining.

The traveling exhibit of the work of Norman Rockwell brought smiles to EVERY FACE!  As a fan of Norman, Honeybuns was mesmerized as he read about the artists career and work all made famous with those Saturday Evening Post covers that documented decades of American history. Mr. Rockwell would have been very proud to think that his interpretation of middle America was actually being ENJOYED by middle America. We chose favorites and wanted to bring them home with us.

Look at those hair-dos!

Ceiling of the restaurant!

Man by light switch!

We love museums and we love Arkansas!  It was a great day for both!

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