Monday, March 4, 2013


Unbelievable! And hiliarious!

As is our custom, Honeybuns and I exchange Valentine Cards on THE day every year.  It usually goes like this:  I place a funny card on his bathroom mirror the night before so he will find it as he gets ready for work early on Feb. 14th.  Later he will find a very serious, mushy, full of "vows of continued love card" in his briefcase as he opens it at work.

He does the same!  I'll find a funny card in the bathroom, another by a huge bouquet of flowers in the kitchen as I get ready for my day.  It's great!  We've settled into a predictable tradition!

I wasn't aware that we were SO VERY PREDICTABLE!  I think we're in a RUT!!

You see, the DONKEY CARD appeared AGAIN!  I vaguely remembered seeing this fellow in years gone by.  As I dug through my "special cards" box, found deep in the bottom of a dresser drawer, there HE WAS!  As I investigated I realized this donkey has made an appearance on Valentines Day for the past FOUR YEARS!

The above picture is the proof!

Honeybuns couldn't believe it!  If I had not saved these cards, he would NEVER have believed it.

Yep, I've received the same funny card FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!  Unintentionally!!!
I've often remarked that "every day is a new day."  Evidently "every card is a new card!"

Now, I'm sure some psychiatrist somewhere could have a hey-day with this. 

I'm chalking it up to old-age, dementia, and HALLMARKS very talented artists.

OR.....maybe we're just in a rut!   Changes are coming for February 2014!!

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