Saturday, March 9, 2013


 Here we are in ALL our glory. The Ridge Readers Book Club met this past Friday (2nd Friday of EVERY month) to discuss this month's book AND to celebrate Shirley's 75th Birthday.
(Tall red head behind the flowers!)

The book was "Very Valentine" and was fine.  The party was VERY FINE!  We shared brunch, mimosas, old-age quotes, Julie Andrews "Favorite Things" song AND a whole lot of laughter.

These are the finest women in all of Wagoner County.  (We missed you, Charlene!)

We've been together 6+ years, once a month, every month! 

Having lived in many places and belonged to even more organizations, I have to say this bunch is unique!  We come from all sorts of backgrounds, experiences, states, religions, educational and professional experiences. Somehow it gels!

Never have I experienced such FUN, respect, stories, grandchildren pictures, wisdom, silliness and did I say FUN!

None of us miss this meeting unless by providential hindrance! To miss our monthly meeting would be to miss out on the laughter,news,  jokes, one-liners, self-deprecating humor and of course the BOOK!

We've read, cussed and discussed an unbelievable variety of literature. (God bless TRUMAN!) Our leader Marion keeps the list and tries to keep us organized.

We're planning a road trip next. Plans to rent a bus are in the works. We're headed to a museum in another state and we may evolve into a book/museum/travel club, who knows.  (Italy has been mentioned!)

With this bunch every day is a new day, every book a new book, every joke a new laugh, every meeting a new delight.

I'm so blessed to know these neighbors.

Front row: Donna, Karen, Shirley, Maureen, Dianna
Back row: Marian, Linda, Janice, Mary Lynn, Kathy, me. (Charlene missing!)

A BOOK could be written about THIS BOOK CLUB!  It would have to be classified as fiction, no one would believe the words on the page!

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