Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A  couple of years ago I finally sold our baby crib at a garage sale. Great bargain, $10.00. Even though it once held Hays, Maggie, Dax, Gabby, Gracie, Mollie and Thompson, it was taking up too much room in the guest bedroom. We decided that WHEN a baby came to the house we could borrow one for a few days, return it....and meanwhile enjoy the space.

What a plan!  It's been working just as we thought it would.  Our good friend Laura loans us her very beautiful baby crib every time baby Betsy Braner comes to OK.  We hurriedly put it together in the LAUNDRY ROOM and Betsy has her own private sanctuary! She sleeps like a ....well, baby!

Today I returned the crib once again, after a recent babyhood visit.  Laura and I met in the parking lot of a local restaurant (after which we would enjoy lunch!) and proceeded to unload the heavy pieces from the back of my red wagon to her red wagon.  After hauling, padding, positioning just so, I realized that the NUTS AND BOLTS of the thing were missing. Those pieces are CRITICAL when putting the thing together!

Extremely frustrated that Honeybuns had packed up all the pieces the night before for me but left out THE most important screws and hooks I decided right then to "call him out" on his neglect/forgetfulness/dementia, whatever!

Right there in that public parking lot, in front of my friend, I dialed him up on my cell phone.  With no polite hello or are you busy preliminaries, I quickly accused him of leaving the necessary pieces behind in the laundry room.  "How was I to know that they were not included in this shipment? Did I have to tell him everything??  Couldn't he remember this one thing so I wouldn't have to make another trip??"

He listened  kindly, politely and patiently remarked, "They're in your car,  I put them in the drivers seat, so you wouldn't miss them."

I ran around to my drivers seat.  There was a ziplock bag of baby crib hardware!  I had driven 7 miles, SITTING on the bag!  Never felt a thing!

If you had been outside today about 11:30 you could have heard him cackling!  He was a hootin' and hollering.'   Laura joined in!  .

How could it be?  How could I have possibly jumped in the car, put it in gear, backed out of the garage, and driven 7 miles sitting on a bag of hardware?

I'm blaming this incident on this flu bug I've been battling for a couple of weeks.  However, I now have a new nickname:  "Numbutt!"

It'll be a while before I hear the END of this one!  (You can't make this stuff up!)

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