Monday, March 4, 2013


What a great Saturday in February!  The Dallas kiddos were here for the weekend and the CO kiddos were in their car on the way to Branson for a family visit there. Wha-Lah!  Jamie made a little detour to Broken Arrow so the cousins could see each other for a short time.

It was great! After a few minutes of realizing family connections, they ran outside to play.  Chasing the dog,  each other and laughing made it a delightful time.

We slowed the fun for a few minutes to take an historic picture.  There they are, all nine!  Lined up like a who's who family reunion.  They are all sizes, colors, & personalities.

Left to right, back row:   Mollie, Dax, Hays, Maggie, Gracie.  Tiki and Betsy on Papa's lap, Thomspon and Gabby with Bebe! 

 They have no idea how they are equally and unconditionally loved. 

The time was short but absolutely memorable!! 

This picture says it all.  It's SO fun to watch them grow into very unique individuals.

One friend describes this picture as a foretaste of heaven.  It certainly was for us that day!

Love them to the moon and back!

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