Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Tis the season! The Morel  Mushroom is "edible gold" from the woods of America, and it's almost "open season." (These were found by my nephew last spring at one of his favorite "hot spots.")

I did a little research, actually about 5 minutes of research, and have learned that there is a wealth of information about these little tidbits of nature.  There are online sights that answer questions, predict the best time to harvest in various states, recipes, equipment needed, rotten tree logs identified and even one called a "sightings map."  Pictures of poisonous and non-poisonous  'rooms are critical information for the novice. Who knew?

All I know is that hunting mushrooms in the spring in central Illinois is one of the most fun times a family can experience. This pictures brings a SMILE to my face as I reminisce. (Tromping through the timber, head bowed down, eyes pealed for snakes, shrieking with joy at a find, relatives racing to the sweet spot near an old rotten elm log, picking them as fast as possible as if they were going to be going anywhere.)  The added reward is EATING them! (Wash/soak in refrigerator in salt water to get rid of bugs, rinse, pat dry, dip in egg, drag through flour, fry in hot oil in Granny's old iron skillet.)

I've learned today that they grow in most states with the weather, ground temperature, amount of sunshine and perfect soil all factoring into the sport. All but the deep south and the desserts of the southwest can claim them, with southern Wisconsin being the very BEST area to plan a hunt.

The season is short, beginning mid-April through mid-June. The relatives in Illinois usually head for the woods mid-May.  Checking out all the .coms makes the whole process a science that guarantees rewards!

And folks are still bad mouthin' that evil Internet!   If it helps me find a "mess" of these in OK, I'll be singing it's praises!

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