Monday, April 2, 2012


10 days ago I threw some grass seed into this planter, watered it and set it in the sun...and left town! Honeybuns had instructions to very gently water those little seeds every evening...then HE left town!  We were both surprised to find this thick stand of grass growing when we got home last night.  I had to actually "mow" it with my scissors. 

It's supposed to represent the Garden Tomb (see the little flower pot in the center next to the stone, the rock path leading to it?)   There is a hill with three crosses, one very special!

The actual Garden Tomb looks nothing like this little makeshift crafty centerpiece.  It's much more eloquent in it's simplicity, much more profound.  This is a poor depiction but perhaps a conversation starter, or a visual to stimulate the thought processes.

The miracle that happened there 2000 years ago changed history forever.   LIFE from DEATH is a big deal!  Was then, is now. 

LIFE from tiny dried up grass seeds, LIFE when I die to my selfish desires and LOVE my neighbor instead.  LIFE when I put to death my past, present and future worries to the ONE that walked out of the tomb ALIVE.   LIFE when I lay down my ideas of how things "should" be and let HIM take charge. LIFE when I bury it all, and choose to trust in HIS sovereignty, power and grace.

It's HOLY WEEK!   Hallelujah! We're celebrating LIFE!

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