Monday, April 30, 2012

This is hilarious!

At first glance you might think this is just a dog with his head stuck in a cookie box!  Nope!  This is NOT just any ordinary dog. Meet Baylor, yellow lab, newest member of the Braner Party of 7 family of Durango, CO.  Baylor belongs to the Fab5 grandkids and I cannot wait to meet him. 

He's growing fast, every picture shows him getting bigger and stronger.  And CHECK OUT those feet! He's going to be huge! But right now he's still at that clumsy, super cute stage. He's bringing lots of smiles and laughs to that household. That's what puppies do!!  (I did NOT ask his permission to  publish this shot, hopefully he'll forgive me for posting his backside on cyberspace!)

Back to the picture! 

I'm thinking Baylor is simply doing what we all NEED to do occasionally!  When things get way too confusing, painful or stressful I too must quickly assume this position.  Sticking my head in a cookie box is often the only place comfort can be found instantly! (That explains the constant need to diet, also!)

Baylor has it right.  Getting in a dark, tight place is a good thing.   It calms the nerves and soothes the soul.

Men do it when they enter into their caves, whether that be a quiet office, tool filled garage, or a private room complete with a 90 inch flat screen TV, pool table and refrigerator filled with fizzy drinks. Women take buble baths, go window shopping, flip through magazines or hide their heads under a blanket. I sometimes retreat to a library, a museum or my sewing room at the back of the house. A good book can also "take me away."

EVERYBODY needs to close out the world once in a while. Our culture has evolved backward in time and now we're living in the "Wild, Wild, West" once again.   AND no human can stay on the "George Jetson treadmill" of life 24/7. Some days it seems as if all news is bad news and we still have another 6 months to endure this year's presidential campaign!  UGH!

I LOVE being around people and my calendar is full of challenging, positive, productive endeavors, but once in a while aloneness is a necessity for mental health.

AND a box of cookies can't hurt!  I thank Baylor for that reminder!


  1. Baylor hasn't been to "Chagrin 101" yet. He's unapologetically in the flesh. Thanks, Sharon!