Monday, April 30, 2012


Weird!  That's all I can say.

A couple of weeks ago I was all dressed up in my Sunday best, heading out of Tulsa to a Kansas speaking event when Honeybuns declared, "you can't drive that, you've got to go by the service dept. of the local Ford dealership. You can't park that in a hotel parking lot overnight the way it's behaving!"

My red truck was demon possessed.  For two weeks prior to this day the "spirits" had had their way.

Randomly the back door would lift up, ALL BY ITSELF, at very unexpected times, sometimes in the parking lot of the grocery store, church or  often our driveway.  In the mornings I would
enter the garage and there it was, tail in the air!   If I slammed the drivers door, up it went.  If a loud noise occurred in the garage, up it went!   If I slammed the door into the house, was up again. Noises seemed to trigger the action, sometimes!

SO...on my way to Kansas, I stopped by the super duper repair shop.  The service department manager looked at me rather pitifully and gently explained (as he would to his ancient grandmother) that the problem was surely ME, that I was inadvertently pressing the UP button on my key fob.  Perhaps it was receiving a push while lying in my purse, maybe feeling a nudge from my wallet or phone.  I let him talk. 

Sometimes that's  all an old lady can do!

After he said his spiel, I drew myself up as tall as I could and looked him square in the eye. 
"NOPE, you got this one wrong, sir.  It is not ME! The back door lifts up BY ITSELF, RANDOMLY!"

To make my point I walked around to the passenger door, opened it and slammed it. 

I was vindicated.  The back door lifted up right on cue.  The guy was dumbfounded.

He summoned his mechanic friends and they all stood there in awe.  They slammed a couple of other doors and that back door repeated it's antics.  IMPOSSIBLE, they declared!  Their eyes were seeing what could NOT be happening. The experts were baffled.

One brave young mechanic opened up a mysterious panel in the back of my truck and disconnected some wires.  That did it.  No more juice, no more automatic lifting!  Period!  End of discussion!

The men scattered and I climbed in the drivers seat and was about to get on my way.

That brave young technician leaned in to my window and whispered, "lady, if that back door lifts now, don't call me, call a priest!" 

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